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lundi 11 mai 2015


As you already know, we have two dogs : Canaille, a 7-year-old Springer
and Ulysse, a 12-year-old Coton de Tuléar. Those two guys are real
sweethearts, but unfortunately there seems to be no common ground
between them.They fought so fiercely to demonstrate it that we had to
rush to the vet for bandages,stitches and injections more often than not !
When we were sick of making our vet rich, we decided to separate the
two tireless fighters. The cease-fire has been on since then, but for extra
safety our two warmongers live apart !
So, you see, when I say no common ground, I really use my words thoughtfully. Those two furry babies are totally different, even when it
comes to food. Canaille is always a little peckish and is easily satisfied whereas Ulysse often turns up his nose at his bowl. Except when the special
is fish. He is crazy about it ! Fresh or tinned is his treat !! Even though 
Audierne is a fishing port, seafood products are nearly as expensive as in big cities. And when school holidays come,fishmongers send the word round and prices soar.
So, I am always on the look-out for special offers on tinned fish in the nearby
supermarkets.Early May I noticed a " buy two and get a third one for free "
bargain on tinned mackerel. A chop-licking meal for Ulysse ! The price per
tin was unbeatable,so I decided to clear out the stock,which meant ...
81 tins ! Don' fall head over heels, we have huge pantries in the basement !
Ulysse could sleep soundly : he was guaranteed board and lodging till
the end of July.
When I came back home with my load, I thought it would be better to store
the tins according to their expiry dates.
Reading the small print on the lids put me in a cold sweat :

June 27/2015, June 27/2015, June 27/2015 ...the same evil date down to the
81st tin ! 

I was down in the dumps. Every time I closed my eyes, I could not see
the stars, but shoals of shiny-scaled mackerels frowning at me resentfully.
What could I do ?

Double helpings for Ulysse would turn him into a four-legged sausage !!
After mulling things over, I came to the conclusion that we would have to share the task with Ulysse !

Out of ideas, once more I called Mr Google for help and once more he took a
weight off my shoulders :

. Firstly, there are a lot of recipes with tinned mackerels ( some even made
  my mouth water).
. Secondly, you can consume canned goods past the date up to four more 
  years as long as they are kept in a cool, dry spot.
. Last but not least, research shows that dogs can look at a human face
  and tell a smile from a frown, but up to now none can read (let alone
  small print on tinned food !).

Phew !! I can manage my fish canning factory light-heartedly and delight
Ulysse's taste buds !!

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