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lundi 18 mai 2015


Since the beginning of Spring, every afternoon, weather permitting, I
have been out in the garden, clearing the undergrowth,weeding, digging,
and so on.Needless to say that all those activities mean being sore all over the days after ! But never mind ! No pain, no gain, and after all Rome
wasn't built in a day. The tiniest nook cleared of brambles and nettles
makes me a happy camper. And remember ! I am a perky busy bee.
It's all the easier to cultivate my image as I have read somewhere that
just exercising your green thumb can whittle your waist ! Weeding helps
you tone your legs, arms, shoulders and back. The more resistant your weeds,
the better your workout is. Great ! Given such useful information, it is easy
to jump to the conclusion that " hard work deserves fair reward ". That saying suited me perfectly and I strived to follow it literally. Breton teatime was just what I needed to restore my flagging energy level.
As you know, Brittany is home to lots of tasty treats : Kouign Aman, a rich
sugary butter cake, or, Far Breton, a flan style eggs-and-milk custard with 
flour added and prunes or raisins, not to mention some delicious salted
butter spread on a crêpe ! Breton teatime really delighted my taste-buds !
But, there is always a 'but'..
Exercising has never meant bingeing on desserts, and I experienced it
last week in the bathroom...
After giving a wary look at the scales, I mustered up my energy and hopped
onto them ! The number that flashed up in front of me floored me !!!
If I didn't pull myself together, I would be stripped of my title of
" Perky Busy Bee ". Even worse : I would be given the consolation prize :
the '' Greedy Lazy Bee " medal !
No time to spare ! I rushed out of the bathroom, slipped into my 
tracksuit ( Geez ! A bit too tight !), grabbed my sports bag and off to
the swimming pool.
Halfway from the ' redeeming ' pool I bumped into a friend of mine. When
I told him I was going to take some swimming laps, he said there was 
no more water, but I didn't pay attention because he is a prankster !
I quickened my pace, instead. The car-park in front of the swimming-pool
was nearly empty. Good ! I don't like when the pool is crowded, especially
with children frolicking, yelling, splashing, jumping, etc. Don't get me
wrong : I am not a grumpy girl , I am just a peace-seeker !
I took out my membership card ( its cost will never be recouped but that is another story ) and as I was about to push the entrance door, I noticed a
sign on the side. It said :
Pool area closed for maintenance 
Gosh ! For once I should have taken my friend in earnest !
I went back home and guess what....
On my way I stopped at the baker's and went on a Danish Pastry binge
to forget my dry swimming costume and my membership card expiring
quite soon !

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