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lundi 15 juin 2015



I hope you are more and more numerous to follow this blog and that you have fun reading it.
When browsing through the previous chapters, I realize, as some of you have pointed it out, that it is often question of food, and I would add,myself, of animals, as well !
Regarding food, I am a poor cook, but I must confess I never balk at giving myself a treat ! Audierne is a food lover's dream : thanks to coastal fishing we can get top-quality fish whenever we feel like it.And for those who have a sweet tooth ( I'm one of them), Kouign Amann, far, crêpes, and salted butter toffees are on display all throughout the year.
As for animals, I guess you have noticed how much I love them (hard to imagine I was scared of dogs for years).What's more, that runs in the family: remember my god-father's Noah's Ark !
Anyway, I don't want to be a bore,so today let me tell you the last story of my " wildlife sanctuary ", and afterwards I'll try to entertain you with other funny things.

I am an early riser whereas my husband is a night owl and thus a lie-in fan.
So, every morning when my three boys are still soundly asleep ( yes, Ulysse and Canaille also have a membership card of the lie-in club), I tiptoe downstairs and start my daily routine :
First, breakfast with a mug of hot green tea and a mixture of soy milk with sunflower seeds, mulberries and wolfberries.Then, I have a shower, get dressed to shoes and check my to to-do list notebook to see what is on the agenda : compulsory, optional and ' if-any spare time ' matters.
That's how days usually start.

But, last Friday when I got up, I was under the weather. I had had a bad night sleep and I thought that before getting down to the nitty-gritty, I needed a pamper break.So, I took my mug and sat down in a deckchair on the terrace.
The weather was sunny and mild and a gentle breeze was blowing away the last hair-raising pictures of my last night nightmares.What more could I ask for ??
Well, a minute later I got the answer !
Mrs Roe Deer came out of the undergrowth, stopped, stared at me, and then started her household shopping.
I know her den is just a few steps away and then I am the nearest 
She walked to the rose-bushes and helped herself to two rose-buds I had photographied from any angle ! Another glance at me and two shy figs I had been pampering for a fornight were off !!
Mrs Deer was really feeling at ease : actually I was the intruder !
Satisfied with what she had found on the market, she went away.
Well, at least she had spared the mint, the thyme, the sage, the verbena and the rosemary I strive to grow
A few minutes later she was back again ! She didn't even pay attention to me and just caught one tender leaf of a hazel tree. She chewed it quietly and then left for good.

I counted :

2 rose-buds + 2 figs + 1 hazel tree leaf = 5 

That's the right amount !

Mrs Deer knows about the healthy benefits of getting 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day !!