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jeudi 18 juin 2015


Hello all of you,

I know, I had promised I would not bore you any more with wildlife stories but today I can't help giving you some news about Mrs Deer !!

Yesterday at lunch-time while we were having coffee on the terrace, Mrs Deer paid a visit. 
This time it was not for a helping at her favourite buffet but to introduce her offspring to us :


She licked its back for a while to male it cleaner and smarter , and then stared at us as if saying :

Have you seen how lovely my baby is !

I was really moved.I am not usually icky but when watching the mother and her baby  I was nearly on the verge of tears !

So, never mind the rosebuds, the figs and the hazel tree leaf,and welcome to our new-comer !

Have a nice day and get ready for next Monday chapter.

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