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dimanche 17 janvier 2016



Monday January 25  is my one-year blogiversary. That's a good opportunity to have fun, an ,of course, I'll jump on it.You remember, being perky means being buoyant, upbeat, chirpy, whatever you want as long as it means cheerful and lively ! So, it would be a shame to tarnish my penname, wouldn't it ?

Of course, I do know the saying " don't count your chickens before they're hatched ", and it is true there is still one week left before D-day, but, anyway, I can't help being satisfied with myself !

Since I took the plunge, I have stuck to my first key motto : Keep consistent in blogging.
Except once ( I was then too grief-stricken by November 13 slaughter), I have never failed to post. I have always kept to the meeting and so have you !
Then, why not pat each other on the back ? It does good from time to time, doesn't it ?

The second watchword from blogging experts to newbies was " have your blog show what your real personality is ".
Bingo ! I think I have followed the tip strictly !
Um... maybe a bit too strictly ! I think I have been somehow " too squared " with you ! I tend to get carried away easily, so over the chapters I have let myself go, and now, it's too late to backpedal.
You know all my flaws, don't you ? Well, at least a part of them because to name all of them would be nearly impossible !
Come on, don't wear a frown ! I'll spare you any buttering-up !

Just one request ! Forgive Perky for being daydreaming (chapter six), greedy
(chapter eight) or naive (chapter thirteen) !

My thoughtlessness is the only shortcoming you should remember
because my mishap in chapter forty-seven has made you laugh a lot and has boosted your comments !!
I have noticed that there are plenty of car-jackers among you, and even better, some of you push it to be upgraded to shopping-trolley jackers !!

To see the funny side of it, let me tell you my latest ( unfortunately , not my last, I fear) careless mistake : that's the full monty !!

To flush away my Xmas sins (and my spare tyre, as well) and to reverse the side effects of the antibiotics, I decided to go on a detox diet and prepared  a vegetable stew in my too long neglected slow-cooker ( the handiest tool for poor cooks like me). In next to no time I had washed, peeled, chopped  and sliced all the veggies.
I was about to lock my magic cooker, when, on an impulse, I felt like adding a personal touch to my stew.
Sure, some curry would make it heartier ! I sprinkled the mouth-watering vegetables with three large pinches of the fragrant spice, and let the cooker do its job ! Yummy !!

In the meantime I cleaned the sink and the counter top, and tidied away the salt, the pepper and the ...cinnamon !!!
Jeez !! I had misread the label and had put cinnamon instead of curry. What a goof !! I would have kicked myself !!

Before tossing my efforts in the trash, I tasted it. Well, it was not as bad as I thought. It was "special"...

That evening, my only guest was my hubby. Never mind ! He would be my Guinea pig !

The first mouthful left him a little puzzled, the second one was a kind of blind test, at the third one his verdict was in :

" tasty, squidgy with a delicious Far-East hint !".

Simply awesome !!

You see, thoughtlessness doesn't always lead to mishaps ! So, never say die !
Anyway, a leopard can't change its spots !!

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