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dimanche 14 février 2016




  Thanks to your sharing this blog with your relatives, your friends and whoever you have felt like, I have been offered two jobs ! Don't get me wrong, unpaid jobs, but yet, with quite a few attractive perks ..Incredible, isn't it ? Let me explain.
   Some days ago I had prepared some sauerkraut with Breton pork and sausages ( the best in the world) for a family gathering, and I thought a cherry plum tart would match that hearty dish pretty well.So, I went to my favourite cake shop to order it.
   As soon as I stepped into the "sweet temptations palace", the confectioner greeted me with a " Hello, Mrs Perky, how are things today ?".
   I was flabbergasted and it took me a few seconds to answer "Fine, thanks, but how come you know my pen name ?".
   "Hang on a sec", he replied. He rushed to his back shop and came back with his laptop.A few clicks and the photo I had posted in chapter fifty ( PARTY TIME) appeared on the screen !
   As I was goggling at him, he explained.
   "You see, some friends knew I wanted to brush up my English before my trip to Oxford to visit my son and my daughter-in-law, so they told me your blog could help update my vocabulary.So, I decided to give it a try, and, since then I have been a loyal reader. Yet, I sometimes have to rack my brain to understand. I know you have given your email address, but if I sent you emails whenever I got stuck on a word, your inbox would get crammed in the blink of an eye ! ".
   I was thrilled to bits !!
   Then, he added with a smile : "When reading your blog, I have noticed you have a sweet tooth,so could you do me a favour, Mrs Perky ? I'm thinking of creating a new macaroon wedding cake and I was wondering if you would mind tasting some samples ? ".
   Jeez ! Macaroons are my guilty pleasure. I was elated and about to jump for joy, but I thought some restraint would conceal my greed !
   "  Let me think it over ", I stammered.
   " Don't worry ", he replied, " the shop will be closed for holidays till February 21st, so you have plenty of time to make up your mind. Anyway, don't feel pressured ".
   I left the place already looking forward to the end of February. No need anymore to fend off my longing in case of a sweet-tooth attack. I had to say good -bye to my New Year resolution to slask the intake of the sweet stuff. But it is for a good cause !!
   To celebrate my future promotion, I went to my usual haunt. The bartender greeted me cheerfully, and guess what !.. He asked me if I could do him a favour? He wanted to launch a  new line of espressos, and was looking for a " Guinea pig " as he said mischievously !
   Good Heavens ! Sure the local shopkeepers had sent the word round !
Anyway, that bartender is such a nice guy that I could not refuse. I just asked him for fun if it would be a fixed-term contract or a permanent one !
   The café is open seven days a week, so I have already started my taste tests there. Up to now I have tasted several different macchiatos (always served with some sweet stuff). I love that job !! The only snag is that sometimes I have sleepless nights ... but I have read on the Net that " sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation ", so..
PS : Before starting my second job, if you have any tips to prevent cakesickness, I would appreciate ! Thanks in advance !

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