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dimanche 27 mars 2016





Now I guess you are getting used to it, every two or three chapters, I like asking you a question. An occupational hazard ? No, I don't think so. It's just that getting some feedback is always pleasant and all the more rewarding as most of you make an effort to answer or comment in English !
You are really praiseworthy readers !

So, here is the question of the week :

Do you have a bucket list ?

You know, the list of things you want to do before you die, or not before you die, but just for fun !
Sure, you do have one ! All of us have wishes and expectations, but unfortunately no magic wand to make them come true in a wink !
My bucket list is my dream incubator. I know, sooner or later something great will come out of it !

Well, as my first question was a yes-or-no question, let me go further and be a bit nosier. It's my turn, for once !!

What tops your bucket list ?

Bungee jumping ? Volunteer work ? Travelling round the world ? Becoming a first-rate odd-jobber ? Running for the presidency ?

I am looking forward to your answers !

In the meantime, let me tell you what is number one on my own bucket list. Maybe nothing big for some of you, but for me a real challenge :

               Becoming a master-gardener !

There is a long way to go ...Since we settled down here, no matter how hard I have fought against devilish weeds and defeated them, I am still a budding gardener. I have not been upgraded yet !!

But this year, after spending winter browsing through seed catalogs, reading thoroughly '' Vegetable gardening for dummies '', I thought it was high time to achieve my dream.
" When there is a will, there is a way '' would be my mantra !

What kept up coming in all the magazines I had leafed through was :

             Think big, start small !

Ok, an herb garden would be a good test !
Chives, mint, basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme were planted without further delay !
Every morning I used to pace up and down my fragrant rows !

After all, it was not that difficult.
Why not go a bit further ?
And that's when everything went wrong ...

Next to our garden we have a fallow land, and I thought I could try a vegetable garden there ! A few rows of potatoes would clean up the soil
and remove the countless weedy patches !

You know I get gung-ho easily, and my naive side sometimes plays tricks on me !

Half a day digging left me sore all over, and what's worse the plot was none the cleaner !

When I told a neighbour about my miserable baby steps as a master-gardener to be, he offered to lend a hand and turn the soil with his tractor.He is a retired farmer, and idleness doesn't suit him as much as expected.
When, to make me at ease, he added ,'' You know, I miss ploughing and furrows ", it should have tipped me off !
Instead, I answered , " It's a deal ! ".

Two days later, he was standing at the door, beaming with joy !

" Ready, Dany ? Put on your boots and take your seed bag with you ! ".

First, I thought he wanted to show me how to drive his tractor, and I felt embarrassed. You remember, the only four-wheeled vehicle I can drive is a shopping trolley !

Short-lasting uneasiness !!

The fallow land had left place to an endless plowed field, big enough to launch a potato business !
My neighbour had not done things by halves.
Had I forgotten to tell him I was a budding gardener, not  a graduate one, let alone a farmer to be ??

Well, have you ever been offered a present and had to pretend you were thrilled to bits  ( while thinking you would shelf it for ever at the top of a cupboard) ?
Then, you know how I was feeling !!

Anyway, I had to put up a good show !

I managed to take a deep breath and exclaimed :

" Great ! You have thought big, haven't you ? "

" Don't worry ! ", he replied," if you want I can dig some more
furrows ".

I could feel shivers all along my spine ...

" Thanks ", I muttered, " I'll let you know, but in-between I think I 'll go on a field trip ".

After a nightmarish night spent ,either falling into furrows as deep as trenches or struggling not to be  buried under grinning potatoes  , I took my bucket list and erased number 1 to concentrate on number 2 !
After all, maybe potaotes are my pet-hate ! You remember chapter
" Flying potatoes ", don't you ?

So, what is number 2 on my bucket list ? Have a guess !!