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dimanche 17 juillet 2016



First of all, I just want to say one thing and I cannot say it enough :
hats off !
Yes, I know I already congratulated you last week, but don't get me wrong : I am not buttering you up ! It would be unfair and rather offending,wouldn't it ? No,no flattery, just compliments.

No wet blankets on Perky Busy Bee ocean liner ! Only real livewires !

As soon as I make my weekly announcement, you always rush onto the gangway to be the first sightseers, and then you never fail to send the word round and advertise our cruise !

Even those who early July had to get off because of Summer family holidays, off-the-beaten-track destinations or personal reasons, wrote , before leaving, so enthusiastic testimonials on our guest book that I can't help quoting some !

PerkyBusy Bee cruising offers something for everyone from the young to the young at heart like me !

On Perky Busy Bee the choices are endless from invigorating reading to more relaxing browsing.

The incredible choice of true- to- life stories,blunders, pranks and tricks makes each stopover a delightful new adventure. I'll be back in September !

Jeez, thanks a million, but now stop it , or sooner or later I'll get too big for my boots !!

Sorry for such a long speech, but I think you deserved praises.

Now, I can see a lot of you champing at the bit and wondering when Captain Perky will stop spouting off and ,at last, announce this week's stopover !

Well, how shall I put it ?....This week we won't set foot on dry land.
Come on,don't panick ! No lifejacket needed !
This break offshore has nothing to do with the vagaries of July weather.
You know that on Perky Busy Bee ocean liner we always look at everything through rose-tinted glasses,so no matter the temperatures, the clouds, the showers and the storms !

So what ??

Well,actually, we've been sailing for over one month now, and I let myself sidetracked so easily that I have not even asked you about your favourite food !
And yet, even if our cruise is entertaining, you can't live only on fun and laughters.

Of course, I try to cater to everyone and  make sure that there are enough choices to satisfy any kind of taste.
I know there are love-it or hate-it foods such as oysters,beets and other polarizing eats.

That's why I have decided that today's special will be pasta !
Quite sure, you won't turn up your nose at such a dish, will you ?

So, let me tell you the spaghetti-lover story.

Ages ago Dearhubby and I decided to go backpacking on Greek islands with a couple of friends, and, of course Jolux !
You remember the naughty puppy cocker of ''Love at first sight '' in chapter 71, don't you ?
By then, he had gone through the awkward age.
After climbing onto the dining-room table to chew the bamboo pendant light fitting, he had decided to stop wreaking havoc and to make amends for his behaviour !
Maybe,the brand-new dog crate threat had helped him to make that long-awaited decision ...

Anyway, he had become such a well-behaved and cute dog, that he was even allowed to travel with us in the passenger cabin.
Then, once on the island, everything went on smoothly.
We let him frolic in the backcountry, and when in villages, we leashed him up not so that he didn't bother anyone, even though the locals used to give him lots of cuddles and pats.

Unfortunately, for his meals we had been dead wrong, and we quickly ran out of dry pet food.
In those days, hopping packages and tours had not congested the Greek islands yet,so  asking the natives where we could get dog food (dry or tinned) turned  soon  into a daily headache !
We were so bad at making ourselves understood that once we nearly fed our hungry little dog with stuffed grapes leaves ! (by the way, thta's delicious !).

We started getting fed up, but Jolux did not !

So, one day, in an open-air restaurant, we were about to order, when Dearhubby had a bright idea.
He would order two courses : a Greek salad, and meatballs with spaghetti and he would give the latter to our dog, on the sly, of course !

As soon as the waiter had served us, Dearhubby immediately spooned the spaghetti dish into our dog's bowl under the table. That "trick " took him just a few seconds.
Hardly had he put the plate back onto the table when the waiter was back with some water.
When he saw the empty plate, he nearly dropped the jug ! He stared at my husband, turned round and rushed back inside to tell the cook to keep cooking, cause there was a guy outside eating like a horse and what's worse, awfully quickly !!

We were doubled up with laughter ! Under the table our little spaghetti-lover was digesting, sleeping like a log and dreaming of holidays in Italy !!

Feeling hungry now ?? Come on, sure there must be some pasta in your pantry !!

Enjoy your meal and don't forget : be perky !!

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