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lundi 17 octobre 2016




Have you noticed ? There's something different in the air. Still ' perky ', of course, but  a bit chillier in the early mornings and the late afternoons,isn't it ?
Yes, Autumn has definitely set in ! Even though the sun does its best to warm us, its pale and weak rays have nothing to do with July and August scorching ones !

So, it's time to shelve our Summer t-shirts,shorts,bermuda shorts,low-backed dresses, flip-flops and sandals, and slip into our Autumn clothing.
When you live in the city, it usually means swapping cotton and linen for thicker fabrics.
But, when you live in the countryside or at the seaside, forget about it !
Your stylish blazer will let the sneaky gusts of wind go through and chill you to the bones, the drizzle or the seaspray will ruin your leather jacket in no time, and the early dew will soak your suede boots and your toes,as well !

No, " far from the madding crowd " and the hustle and bustle of big cities, fleece jackets and rubber boots are the only perfect outfit to head into Autumn !

So you see, wherever you are, whatever you do and whether you like it or not, there's always somehow a kind of dress code.
But, don't get me wrong !
If this month you play the layered clothing game, it does not mean you are a country dweller ! Perhaps, you're just sensitive to the cold weather.
You can't judge a book by its cover,can you ? ...Though ....

Well, let me tell you something, and then you will decide whether that old saying is true or not.

When I started teaching adults, I was in my late twenties. As surprising as it may seem in the age of Botox and obsession with youth, teaching is one profession where a youthful look does not always inspire initial confidence.

So, when I was offered to give one-to-one tuitions to a ghost writer ( I was about to say " famous ", but the adjective doesn't match the job), I thought my late twenties could jeopardize that six-month exciting contract.
I really needed to look more mature, more experienced, more self-confident !

And that's how, one year, from January to June, twice a week, I used to swap my casual clothing for something more formal, something more
' I'm an old hand at teaching English, just trust me and everything's gonna be alright ! '.
Good opportunity to give a breath of fresh air to the skirts and pantsuits I had bought on an impulse and never worn afterwards !

The ghost writer turned out to be studious and eager to learn, but always snowed under, on edge, and thus moody. I quickly guessed he often flared up, and then the staff knew they had to lie low ...
Fortunately, in those days I was already a perky busy bee, and most of the time I managed to turn his scowling into a grin by the end of our tuition.

Is that the reason why his personal assistant, who didn't know what I was in the office for, mistook me for a kind of psychotherapist, a kind of shrink ??
Or, was she impressed by my suit and my black satchel (crammed with her boss's hidden secrets ) ??

Anyway, one day, as she was leading me back to the door, she asked me if I could spare her a few minutes :

" Sorry, doctor ", she said, " but I have been in the doldrums for nearly two weeks, and I really don't know how to get through ! What do you think I should do ? ".

She looked so sad and at the end of her rope that I didn't have the courage to tell her I was just an English teacher, with ups and downs like everybody !

" Er...well ", I answered, " no miracle pill for that ! Just concentrate on what you enjoy and try not to focus on the negative ! Be good to yourself, keep smiling and you'll get through this ! ".

She thanked and I left.
Once outside, I looked at myself in the reflection of a shop-window, glanced quickly around and gave a discreet wave to  the new Mrs Freud (lol).

The week after, when I stepped into the ghost writer's office, the secretary had a beaming smile on her face. On our way to the boss's room, she whispered :

" You were right, doctor ! Life is a one time offer, we must use it
well ! ".

So, what do you think ? Can or can't you judge abook by its cover ??

Think it over and give me your opinion on :

Make the most of each day, and don't forget : be perky !!