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dimanche 8 janvier 2017





No need to be a fortune teller and read my crystal ball or coffee grounds
to know what the days to come will be like for you, for me, well actually for most of us.

Christmas has come and gone once again, wreaths and sparkling garlands are back in their boxes till next year, the fridge shelves are on a detox diet, and you have picked up the last crumbs of Twelfth Night Cake.

So, what's left ?

Hang on a sec, let me guess !

...Yes, that's it ! After whooping it up for nearly a fortnight, there's nothing likely to sweep you away, you've lost your " get up and go ", and to crown it all, you are caught up again in the humdrum routine !
Right ?

Come on, don't let January gloom and doom dampen your spirits ! As soon as you feel a fit of the blues is on its way, pore through " The Adventures of Dany the Perky Busy Bee " ! An excellent antidote to Winter sullenness !

Don't get me wrong ! Even if I am a perky busy bee, I sometimes happen to feel low-spirited,too.

So, when life's cobwebs get a bit too thick, as corny and sappy as it may seem, I usually give myself a pep talk.
That's quite efficient to break out of the rut, and gear up for January boring chores. You know , all the things we've kept putting off, because, of course we had other fish to fry, or, at least, we claimed we had ...

Let's be honest : Christmas break is the perfect fake excuse to get off the treadmill !

But now January is in full swing, and things have to be done.

So, a few days ago I thought it was high time to jump on the bandwagon again .

I swapped my gloomy lazy bee costume (nearly brand-new, cause I hardly ever wear it) for my perky busy bee one.

A quick energy-boosting pep talk to myself, and I was back on track !

Whithin a couple of hours boring but compulsory appointments were made, shelves, drawers and stomach decluttering was launched !

I was again full of beans and the sky was the limit !

When I am in such a frenzy, Dearhubby never fails to make fun of me.

So, as I was on my way to clean the car windows, once more I could hear his mocking " tornado warning " to our dogs :

     " Watch out guys, Perky is going on a new clutter-free adventure,
        better watch out, otherwise we may end up at the waste reception
        center ! ".

I just shrugged my shoulders, grabbed the window cleaner, the squeegee, and some paper towels, and I let the door slam and lock his gentle mockery in .

Once I was done with my spray-wipe-buff work, I went back in, and told Dearhubby that, while cleaning the windshield, I had heard kinds of slight squeaking sounds under the hood.

I should have thought twice before speaking ...

Dearhubby looked at Canaille, our English Springer Spaniel, and said :

     " You see, boy, how lucky we are ! First the tornado seems to have
        calmed down, and then, even better, now we can go on a safe trip
        to the supermarket, cause our front seat passenger is a top-notch
        mechanic ! So, in case of a breakdown, we've got the right man in
        the right place ! ".

I just pretended I had not heard anything, took my 2017 first healthy food shopping list, 'jailed' it in my pocket, not to repeat the experience of chapter " I could not cut the mustard ", and off we went .

The revigorating drizzle we had been expecting for so long in Brittany, had at last started falling !
As soon as Dearhubby turned the windshield wipers on, the little noise went off again. It could hardly be heard, but I have already told you in a previous chapter what a nerve-racking passenger I am, so I couldn't help attracting my favourite driver's attention on it !
I added a bit shyly that, even though the wipers had not worked for long (2016 exceptional draught in Brittany), perhaps they needed changing.
" Oh ", Dearhubby said, " letting faulty wiper blades smear the windshield of Perky's squeaky clean car, no way ! Let's stop at the car spare -parts shop to buy some, fix them immediately and stop Perky's harping on weird noises ! ".

A touch of irony ? Never mind !

If I had to rate the shop we went to, I would definitely give it five stars . The shop-assistant was pretty helpful and honest, and, before showing us the wide range of wipers he had in store, he offered first to check ours were really worn-out.
When he told us they were just like brand-new, I replied that they made a weird noise when on.
Dearhubby smiled , winked at the man and said :

     " You see, one of my wife's far ancestors is Joan of Arc, so hearing
        voices run in the family ! ".

The shop-assistant laughed, but said he could check (now you understand the reason for my five starts review).
He turned on the wipers, and the squeaking noise went off again !

"Actually ", he said, " it comes from under the hood ! ".

I threw a meaningful glance at Dearhubby. Being proven wrong left him speechless.
Then, the mechanic pulled up the hood, bent over it, and burst out laughing !

" I have found the troublemaker ! Look ! ", he said, holding a  squeaking tiny fieldmouse by its tail, " it must have sneaked between the hood and the bottom of the windshield, got trapped there and scared stiff when the wipers were on ! ".

Dearhubby, always quick on the draw, exclaimed :

     " That's why the car seller had told me that thanks to the newest
        technics, that car model was as quiet as a mouse ! ".

We put our stowaway into a box and gave it a lift to a nearby meadow.
As soon as we put the box down, Mickey's distant cousin ran away without a word of thanks !
I bade farewell to my hope of keeping it as a pet, and I rushed back home, clicked on the only mouse I have managed to tame up to now, and started typing this story !

That's all for this week, folks !

Enjoy your reading, share it with whoever enjoys looking on the bright side , and don't forget: be perky !

Any questions , send me a mail and I will answer :