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dimanche 19 février 2017




Hello everybody,

First of all, thanks for all your insanely helpful work-out tips. From warm-ups to stamina boosters, let alone treadmill, you really had a field day !

I think I should be less bashful, and pepper you with questions more often, but I don't want to poke the bear. I guess too many questions could turn me into a frightful bore, so ...

Anyway, your peppy answers were just fab, and helped me to jump back onto the daily exercise bandwagon. I'm already on my way to be a real live wire. But, to be honest, it's a long way to Tipperary,, sorry, I mean, it's a long way to go to the treadmill. Fortunately, Tipperary Connaught rangers were better trained than me !

You see, when I jump out of bed (yes, I do !), I am always full of beans and eager to warm up through exercise. I ride my stationary bike for ten minutes, then a little jump rope, a good memory of the happy days in the schoolyard.
That's all, cause I don't master push-ups yet : I've just managed to scratch my chin when trying to perform some, so I'll wait before a second attempt, otherwise I may end up with stitches.
I don't push myself hard, I just follow your advice : " fair and soflty goes far in a day ".

And yet, after a few days' training, I'm still sore all over. Even climbing onto my bathroom scales is an awful pain-trigger.
I mean,usually to cheer me up and to smuggle a couple grams, I just stand tiptoe on that brutally frank weight-controller.
Now, no way !
Heels flat demanded, otherwise my calves and thighs blow the whistle !

Anyway, I know that taking baby steps is the mainstay to reap the rewards, so I won't flag !

But, you know how easily I can get gung-ho, so, of course, when I browsed through all your clever and energy-boosting tips, I decided it was high time to clean up my diet,as well.

By the way, thanks a lot for all the links to fitness and  health websites. I'm really spoilt for choice !

So, after signing up for some healthy food newsletters, to do everything to give myself a good start,I undertook to overhaul my pantry.

Jeez ! All my salt and sweet cravings were sprawling inside, and when lending an ear, I could even hear their sirens' song.
The fight was hard, but I was merciless, and one hour later all my guilty pleasures were crammed on the top shelf.
For one moment, I thought that climbing onto my stepladder to grab some of them could be a kind of work-out, but it quickly slipped my mind.
Don't get me wrong ! I was not suddenly stricken with remorse, I just remembered my stepladder was rickety, and the 'ascent' would be risky business. Falling off and breaking my wrist would put an end to " The Adventures of Dany the Perky Busy Bee ", at least for a while. Too bad !
So, I forgot about it.

Once I was done with the convenience foods, it was time to go green, I mean, it was high time to nip off to the nearby greengrocer's.

I held my head up while walking along the deli, I turned up my nose at the cake shop display, and the chocolate smell escaping from the sweetmaker's left me indifferent (well, to be honest, I pretended to...).

Let bygones be bygones !

I was on the road to fitness, or let's say, I was on my way to a fruits and veggies binge. No junk food would make me wander from the straight and narrow !
I was full of beans (how suitable for a new veggie-lover !).

Unfortunately, the holiday closing notice on the organic shop door upset the apple cart.
What a bummer !
What to do, then ?
Shopping at the supermarket ? Well,sorry for sounding a bit prissy, but its too shiny fruits and veggies, and the mist sprayed over them, meant it didn't really have my health at heart.
If only last Spring I had grown my own kitchen garden...
Too late to dwell on 'shoulda coulda woulda ' !

Then, I had a light bulb moment. Come on, don't be flabbergasted,I happen to get some, and , believe me or not, sometimes I wish I had fewer...
Let me explain, and you'll see how those light bulb moments are anything but small potatoes.
No kidding ! They sometimes turn me  into a pea-brained idiot !

The organic shop had let me down, but ,about twenty kilometres away, there was a good frozen food shop : veggies, there, were as healthy as fresh ones.
No sooner said than done.

While getting my fill of French beans, cabbage, garden peas and all sorts of vegs, I thought that, as household shopping was my pet peeve, once the  local organic shop reopened, I could buy veggies in bulk, and freeze them myself.
Even better,I could freeze them in portion-controlled servings : a foolproof way to put the brakes on overeating !
I had a deep freeze, a vacuum sealer, what else did I need ? ...Uh,...oh yes, the freezing know-how, of course !
Just a step by step method, and I would get rid of my weekly queueing at the greengrocer's.

So, before paying the bill, I asked the man at the cash-desk :

" By the way, would you, by chance, have 'Freeze Yourself ' booklets ? "

The guy looked stunned, gaped at me for a few seconds, then pulled himself together, and managed to utter as politely as possible :

 " Everyone to his trade, Madam ! ".

Jeez ! I suddenly realized my blunder, and went as red as a beetroot. As red as a beetroot ? Undoubtedly, I was not done with veggies.

I ate humble pie, and before going bananas, I rushed out of the shop.

That's the way the cookie crumbled, folks !

Enjoy your reading, share it , and don't forget : BE PERKY !

BTW : in spite of that adventure, I have not given up the fight, I'm still on a healthy diet.


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