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dimanche 5 février 2017




Hello all of you,

Have you noticed the number above ?
No ? Have a look, then !
Yes, that's it, chapter 104 !
So what ?

Well, as I post once a week, it means I have been blogging for 104 weeks. I have never been good at calculus, even at school, my marks rarely rose above freezing point. When they did, I was thrilled to bits, but my teacher and my parents were not. Lack of understanding ? I think so. Ah, you mean, on both sides ? Sorry, that's a point of view I totally missed at the time.

Anyway, after spending endless school terms racking my brain on leaking tubs or, crossing trains, one day I decided to take it easy, and live by the phrase " everyone to his trade ", whenever I stepped into the maths classroom. After all, there were enough plumbers and station masters all over the world to put an end to those awful mindbreakers !

I was doomed to be bottom of the class, and actually it was a kind of comfort and relief for my schoolmates. I mean, they knew that it was my maths class rank, and that I would never let anyone take it .
Is that the reason why, one year, I was awarded  'the best schoolfriend prize '? Who knows...

Now, don't get me wrong ! Even if the words ' mental arithmetics ' still make me sick (I have a friend who suffers from the same allergy), yet, when it comes to simple operations, I don't need to whip out my calculator to do them.
That takes your breath away ?
Hey, come on, I'm not such a dunce !
I am like duck to water with short additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. I never forget the carried numbers, and casting out the nines is not a mystery to me, even though I find it a wee bit magical...

Let's see if you are as quick-witted as me, and if you can solve the problem below in a split second.
Here is the formulation :

Every week Perky writes out a blogpost in which she looks on the sunny side of things. Since she launched her blog, Perky has always stayed consistent in her blogging schedule : once a week readers from all over the world can pore through a mood-boosting story, always based on a true one, but sprinkled with a dollop of self-mockery and a pinch of humour. This week Perky has posted chapter 104, and hopes to change your mind off things and make you crack a smile
So now, my honeybunches, find out how many years ago Perky started fluttering her wings and buzzing over your humdrum routine.

Ready, steady, go !

Ticktock, ticktock....Time is over !

Who has guessed that this week we celebrate Perky's second blogiversary ?
Yes, two years since I decided to share my adventures with you !
When I browse through the first posts, I realize how corny they were.
So, thanks a million to the early readers who, in spite of the mawkish posts about Mrs Deer and her fawn ,or,my first steps as a budding gardener, have stood by me through thick and thin.
Thanks for sharing,too, cause you are more and more numerous to come here and spend a part of your spare time with me.
I'm really overwhelmed with gratitude !
Your loyalty, your benevolence, your messages, your tips and tricks, well, all that motivates me to continue on this blogging journey !

So, this week, let me tell you my second blogiversary adventure.

You remember, last week I told you that, to celebrate that special date, Dearhubby had booked a table in a top-notch restaurant.
I had read quite a few mouth-watering reviews about it, and I knew our tastebuds would go through an unforgettable experience.
But I had also seen some photos of the restaurant dining-room, the snowy linen, the sparkling glasses and china, the bright silverware, and to top it all, the stylish-looking headwaiters (a bit too starchy for my liking, but the game was worth the candle).
Well, all that had thrown me on a nerve-racking shopping journey to get the right outfit.

You know what a poor shopper I am, so no need to tell you that I had come back home, empty-handed, washed-out, and edgy .
I had three days left before D-day, so before going on a crash diet, or I should say, before fasting, I decided to have a second, but more careful wardrobe cleaning-out time.

Bingo ! Still wrapped in the dry-cleaner's plastic cover, a dark grey suit was waiting patiently to be worn a second time ! I guess I had bought it after a pancake binge, cause the pants were a bit tight, but let me breathe gently.
Matching a top with that suit was as easy as ABC, cause I am a blouse lover. Actually I hardly ever wear them : gardening and walking the dogs require more casual and weatherproof tops.

Three days later the big day was finally there.

I was about to hop into the car, when I  suddenly realized that, perhaps we woud not be able to park just in front of the restaurant, so I'd better take a coat.
Jeez ! I had plenty of fleeces and down jackets, but only one coat I had not worn for ages.
No time to ponder about it, Dearhubby was champing at the bit behind the wheel.
I threw the coat on the back seat, and off we went.

The restaurant car park was quite big, and we could park not too far from the restaurant entrance door, so I just drapped my coat over my shoulders, and once inside, handed it to the cloakroom lady.

Our dinner went on perfectly. The chef was really worth his stars,and the staff, even though a bit too ceremonious as I had feared, waited on us hand and foot.

When we were about to leave, the restaurant manager, himself, came to our table to ask us if we had enjoyed our meal.
We congratulated him and thanked him for the fabulous dinner we had had.
He followed us to the cloakroom, took my coat, and helped me put it on.

OMG ! Once my arms in the armholes, I realized my right hand was stuck at the bottom of the sleeve. I suddenly remembered that the right sleeve had come unstitched the very first time I had put that coat on ! My hand was trapped between the lining and the sleeve itself !

What to do ?

Well, I just pretended everything was ok, and I kept smiling, while struggling to free my hand. In vain !

And then, what was to happen happened ...

The manager led us to the door, and one second later I saw his thumb extended upwards, and his fingers pressed together coming at full speed towards my right hand (or at least towards where it should have been).

Jeez, he wanted to shake hands !

Pretending I was one-armed ? No way to deceive that first-class observer !

You know what ?

I could have held out my left hand, but no ! Instead I spluttered out :

 " Sorry, I never shake hands " !

Dearhubby stared at me, wide-eyed, shook hands with the manager, and we left.

When I told him the reason for my sudden germ phobia, he made fun of me, calling me ' his sweet one-armed bandit ', and all the way back home, he laughed in his sleeve !

That's all for this week, folks.

Enjoy your reading, share it, and don't forget : BE PERKY !


                                        FOR BEING HERE !

Expecting mails from all of you on :


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