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vendredi 30 juin 2017


Hello everybody,

Perhaps I should day " Hello everydoggy ", cause every time Canaille, my English Springer Spaniel, or, Ulysse, my Cotton of Tuléar, are the heroes of a post,the thermometer skyrockets ! 

I mean, whenever my doggies are on line, it turns into a paw buzz in a wink !
Really, when I see the amazing number of views those two guys trigger, I could be green with envy, throw in the towel and give them a free hand ( a free paw would be more suitable), and brood over.
But we are a tight-knit pack, and some tiny pangs of jealousy from time to time can't drag down the strong emotional bond between me and my dogs !


So, this week, as I just want to chill out in the sunshine with the book I have just started, I'll try to score brownie points and let Canaille rule the roost and share his little secrets with you.
Will you hold your tongue ? I hope not, cause there are still so many things I'd like to know about him !
For example, when he slumbers by my side and suddenly makes leg twitches, yaps and blinks, what is he dreaming about ? That' a puzzler !
So, I count on you not to be as silent as a grave, and tell me all you know on

But time is flying, and you see, my book is so riveting and engrossing, and my couch so welcoming that now I'll let my ' ghost-writer ' fill y shoes.

                                   Cheerio, then, and have fun .

Hey there everyone !

You remember last week I could hack into Perky's blog and I told you that every dog has its day. 
Here it is, now !! At last ! All things come to him ho waits !

I'm thrilled to bits, cause I've plenty of pawesome things to tell you, but you must admit that Perky is a wee bit cheeky and demanding !

When she is scribbling, she doesn't want me to lend a hand (let alone a paw), when she is cooking, she doesn't want me to squeeze between her and the cooker to protect her from the heat, when she is chatting with Dearhubby, she doesn't want me to chip in, you know always the same old tune " Be a good boy, go beddy-bye ! ".
How offending ! Using baby talk with me, a 10-year-old boy !! She should at least show some respect !

And now, just because of a page-turner she can't put down, she expects me to replace her at the top of a hat !!

But a leopard can't change its spots. I love Perky to the moon and back, and I can't refuse her anything !

A dog's life ? Well, if you mean, a miserable, drab or boring life, you're dead wrong !

Listen ! A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through the Waggington Post* and I came across an article about the 22 foolproof signs that furry babies like me are truly happy.
You know what ? I have them all !! Yes, I'm the living proof that permanent bliss exists !
No kidding, guys, from dawn to dusk I'm on cloud nine !

Very well- looked after ? Oh, that's putting it mildly ! Actually I'm spoiled !

Nothing to say about accommodation and catering : comfy baskets, soft fleece blankets and deluxe couch with memory foam  for senior(Xmas gift) are at my disposal whenever I feel like curling up or sprawling for a well-deserved nap.

Twice a day Perky calls me for a mouth-watering bowl of dry or lightly-cooked food. I never fail to be in the kitchen,bang at 7am and 5pm, cause punctuality is the politeness of Kings, and, look at the picture at the top of this post,I am a kind of king ( at least in Perky's and Sugardaddy's eyes).
To thank my 'waitress', I always do justice to her meals, and then once done , I can  always see a springer begging for a second helping .Look !


Entertainments : I'm really lucky, cause I belong to a playful pack. I love playing " fetch the ball " with Suggardaddy. He throws the ball so strongly that I have to run like a bat out of hell all through the garden to catch it. He sends it so far that sometimes to spare time I start off when he's still holding the ball, and then , go figure why he calls me 'cheater'.
I guess it must be a nickname, or maybe a way to cheer me !
Perky is not good at that game. Really she is hopeless ! She should tone her arms a little, cause fetching a ball which has landed only 10 meters away is no fun.

But, when it comes to playing hide and seek, she is second to none and it drives me nuts !

Travelling : I do enjoy having a ride in their car, especially when allowed to poke my head out of the window : the smells, the seabreeze blowing gently through my fur and people pointing and waving at me ! That's Heaven on earth !! Not for long, unfortunately, cause Perky says it's not good for me. That girl can be a real killjoy !

So, you see my life has nothing to do with a dog's life. I have everything to be happy...except (yes,that's the exception that proves the rule) two small trifles.

Why does Perky keep a monster in one of the cupboards ? When she takes it out, it makes such an awful noise that I run like a mad to find a shelter , and then Perky never fails to tell me : " Come on, Canaille, it's just a hoover ! ". I always feel like asking her : " Tamed or wild ? ", but I am too scare to bark at it !

The case of the Treats Drawer is a bone of contention. Perky opens it too rarely, and even worse she says it's no use staring at it, it won't open magically ! Well, I won't give up, I'll keep trying, cause as the saying goes : Hope well and have well ...

Well, you know everythig about me. Feel free to ask me questions on and I'll tell you how to enjoy live with drive and gusto .
Now I' bone-weary and I'll curl up for a nap.

Bye and don't forget : BE PERKY ! (thats' the way Perky finishes her posts, doesn't she ?).

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