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vendredi 7 juillet 2017


Hey my pawesome pack of readers,

You remember, last week Perky was in a Lady Leisure mood, and she asked me to fill her shoes.
Well, I was not feeling very worky,either, and a nice snooze in my comfy basket was just what I needed to boost my energy.

Have I already told you that I'm an outstanding nap-taker ?
That's a treat I can indulge in, every now and then in the daytime, cause I've got an extremely hectic life ! You know, tracking Perky and Sugardaddy wherever they are, squeezing my squeaky toys to make some background music for my two sweethearts, sniffing each blade of grass of the garden to make sure no deer, no fox and no badger trespass ( Jeez ! they often do, and at night I'm scared stiff to paw out), woofing the alarm when the postman or the pet food delivery man drive down the path, and whatnot, well, all that tires me out, and naps are well-deserved.

So, feeling guilty about slacking off ? No way !!
Even better, browse through the Net, and you'll find out that many successful celebrities were die-hard fans of naps !

But don't get me wrong ! I'm not a work-shy, far from it, so, last week when Perky asked me to help her with her blog, I didn't take a French leave. I immediately buckled down to it.

It would be a bold-face lie to tell you that I had to work my tail off to paw the keyboard and get some stuff for you out of it.

I just had a kind of heart-ot-heart talk with you, and go figure why my inner feelings and my little secrets have triggered so many views !
Perhaps my mojo ? Perky says I have a certain something ...Quite true, but I don't want to show off.

Anyway,thanks a million to all the furry babies(and their owners, as well) from United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, France, Canada, Russia, Germany,Belgium, Australia, Malaysia, India, New-Zealand, Ukraine, Kuweit and Brunei ! (Sorry if I forgetsome of you !).

You really made my day, and I was thrilled to bits to read your mails.
I'll answer all of them, but I'm just back from the groomer, and that naughty girl has trimmed my nails too short, and I can't type easily.

You see, I should be on cloud nine and as happy as a lark,but yet, I have a heavy heart. Yes, guys, a heavy heart !
Is that the price of success ?
I'm afraid it is !!

My pawesome signature on Perky's blog has sparked countless number of views, but Perky's sting eye, as well !
I know my place, and I have done my best to keep humble, but every time Perky checks the number of visitors to her blog, the green-eyed monster of envy pops up in her eyes !
 When she pulls herself together, and says that I have done a bang-up job, I can hear a little pang of jealousy in her voice.

She is dead wrong !!

I love that girl to bits, and since my puppyhood we've been as thick as thieves, so she should know that I am anything but selfish and boastful.
Actually, I'm totally selfless ! Except, when it comes to the touchy subject of the Treats Drawer( last week post), but it is the exception that proves the rule.

As a faithful and reliable sidekick, I am second to none, cause I wear several hats. Look !

I'm a cheerful playing partner : fetch the ball, hide-and-seek, seek the treat (my favourite), whatever the game, I'm always up for it.
Between you and me, Perky is a bad loser.For example, when we play " Fetch the ball " ,sometimes I want to keep it for a while cause I have run like a bat out of hell to catch it and I do deserve it, and then Perky always says : " Well, have it your own way. I don't care, I won't play anymore with you ! ". Fortunately, she is scatterbrained and she always forgets her threat !

I'm a perfect food taster, and at meal times I always sit near Perky, ready to do my duty and confirm her that what is in her plate is safe to eat . She is the apple of my eyes, and  I want to keep her away from any danger. 
But, I must confess that up to now she has never used my tasting skill, but , hope well and have well...

I'm a reliable GPS : whenever I go for a ride with Sugardaddy, I never fail to woof when we are getting close to the seashore, the woods or any field. 
I pretend to be out of order( GPS sometimes are !) when we drive along the vet's place ...

I'm a discreet bodyguard, but just indoors. I mean, when Perky or Sugardaddy are in the bathroom or the toilets, I stay behind the door to make sure nobody else gets in.
Outside, the tables are turned, cause I have already been in trouble with some feisty fellows, and since then ...Don't get me wrong : I'm not yellow-bellied, but prevention is better than cure, and squeezed between Sugardaddy's and Perky's legs, I fear nothing !

And now, even blogging is in my wheelhouse !

So, quite a few good reasons to be green with envy ! Poor Perky !!
Should I tell her that beside every great hero is a great sidekick ?
Not that sure, cause she may wonder who is the hero and who is the sidekick !

I hope my post will get as many views as last week and that you will share it with all your buddies !  

Take care and don't forget : BE PERKY ! ( I hope Perky won't accuse me of plagiarism !!).

A reminder : my email is :

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