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lundi 16 février 2015

Chapter Four

Last week I gave you a recipe I had come across while browsing through the excess books I wanted to get rid of. I have bought cookbooks over the years hoping that they would make me a better cook, but, alas, the books just take up space on my shelves but don't magically make my cooking better !

So, let me tell you something funny about it, a great AHA moment !

I had decided to keep only the books I actually use. Well, I had to face the facts and admit that I could get rid of many more books than I had planned to. So, I crammed them into a cardboard box and gave it to my husband who was going to the waste reception centre to throw away some junk. Over there they have a space dedicated to the crockery, the linen, the books, all the odds and ends people want to donate. Unfortunately I had not taken my hoarding hubby into account...One hour later he came back home, clutching the cook book box and putting it down he sighed : " You never can tell !! ". I was gobsmacked and couldn't utter a word,otherwise I would have pointed out to my beloved hoarder that those damn books don't work miracles if you don't have a magic wand to turn a poor cook into a starred chef !! Anyway, I had to put a brave face,and,the day after ..I smuggled the invaluable box into the garage while awaiting better days.

Time flies. It is already mid-february. As my early January target is on the right track, I have decided to take a new habit : drink a bottle of water a day. This resolution seems to be rather hit-and-miss because I am hardly ever thirsty but I think it is doable. As I get easily tired of plain water, I'll add a slice of lemon . I'll tell you if it works.

Over the next few days we have to get smoke detectors and that will be a different kettle of fish !!

So, on the agenda this week : water and surf ( on the Net to read consumers' reviews about detectors). What an awfully thrilling programme ..

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