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samedi 15 juillet 2017





                                            One of my ancestors

You don't know me ? Well, I'm Perky's English Springer Spaniel and sidekick, as well. I mean Perky (my sweet hostess) has been blogging for 2 years and a half about how to look on the bright side of things, and over the last few weeks, to have a kind of break and lounge around, she has let me write a few blog posts.

                                   I became a geek at a very early age

I do enjoy sharing my adventures with you, reading your mails and making friends all over the world, but I feel the tide is turning ...

Right now, Perky is busy pottering around the garden, so I hope I'll have enough time to post before she comes back.

I'm so befuddled that I really need to let my hair down. Figuratively, of course,cause otherwise Perky will take the hoovering monster out of its cupboard, and you know how panic-stricken I get, then ! *

But forget about that sucking beastie !
Sorry, guys, this week no time for light bantering talk !
There's something I really want to get off my chest, and I guess you, my regular and faithful readers, are the ones I can rely on to help me get through that rough patch !

You know how much I love Perky. She is my puppyhood sweetheart, and I'd do anything for her. Play " Fetch the ball " even if I feel like chilling out, warm her lap in Winter even though Sugardaddy's is comfier, taste and test new slimming diet food every time she thinks I am getting a wee bit plump, let her wipe and dry my paws when coming back from the garden which is rather offending for a big boy like me ( my 10 years deserve respect), and so on ...

And yet, sometimes  that girl has the knack to get on my nerves...For example, when she walks me in the rain, when she plays the wanabee groomer and gives me an overlong rubber comb and brush session, or even worse, when she refuses to open the Treats Drawer !!
But life would be so lame without her  that whatever her whims, I give in !

This time, however, she has overstepped the mark, and enough is enough !

You remember,two weeks ago, she was not feeling worky, and she asked me to fill her shoes.
Well, I did it wholeheartedly for two weeks , cause I saw the poor girl had lost her get-up-and-go, and that she wouldn't be able to scribble any thrilling stuff for you.

And then, you know what ??

Last week she read my post, and she told me that I toot my own horn a bit too much !

Does she mean I'm a braggart ?
Have I really shown off ? I hope not !
I've just tried to entertain you, make you crack a smile, and advertise my skills at the same time.
What's wrong with that ?
Perky lecturing me about my ego-boosting ?
It can't be true ! She is a genuine dogaholic and a strong animal rights defender, so I can't believe she has dared ...
Perhaps, I'd better take that phrase literally.
Yes, that's it !
When she says I toot my own horn too much, quite sure she means I squeeze my squeaky toys too much.

Blind faith ? Come on, for the life of me,I can't figure why Perky would criticize me.
Of all the dogs she has welcomed into her home, I'm not the calmest, but I'm not the most unruly, either !

                                           Jolux aka Jojo

Her very first doggy was a cocker named Jolux. That pooch was a real badass, and as soon as he pawed in, he ruled the roost.
He had a hearty appetite, and even after a square meal, he could still snack on a pair of brand-new shoes (his favourite), or some letters the caretaker had slidded under the door.
When he buckled down to work, he spared no effort and could remove a fitted carpet within a couple of hours.
That was really a tough guy but so cute that when he passed away, perky cried her eyes out and swore she would never never have another dog.


                                               Sir Charly

After dogsitting a lot, one year, on Mother's Day, Perky went to a dog shelter and came back home with Charly, a kind of black Griffon, who , according to Perky and Sugardaddy, was the best of the best.
I could be jealous, but that was before we met.
Perky loved him to the moon and back, and she forgave him everything.
Even when he barked at buses, bikes and roller skates, she said that it was just because the noise hurt his ears !
My foot ! I guess he was just a coward.
But, maybe, I'm wrong because he managed to kill a hoovering monster Perky had ( I'm afraid she collects them ).
Yes, guys, he snatched one wheel and chewed the wire !
May that brave fellow rest in peace !

Years went by, and as dogsitting was getting really risky, cause Perky was more and more reluctant to give the dogs back to their owners, Sugardaddy took her to a dog breeder's and ... BINGO ! 
There I was, ready to join them and change their humdrum routine into sweet dreams.The rest is history ...
Thanks to my mojo, my gusto and my motto " Let's be pawesome ! ", life at Perky and Sugardaddy's is all sunshine and rainbows.


Oops, is that tooting my own horn a bit too much ?
Jeez, Perky was right, then. 
Dear me, please forget what I have just written and email Perky* to tell her to forgive me !

Here she is !! Cheerio, my sweet buddies.

                               End of Canaille's post

Hello everybody,

Perky on line

I'm just back from the garden and too tuckered out to post, so my only reply to Canaille will be the link below:

Bye and don't forget : BE PERKY !

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