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lundi 23 février 2015


This week my husband and I have a summit with my god-father ( he is one of my mother's brothers and lives 7kms away).He will be operated on his knee on March 6th and then will go to a rehabilitation centre for about three weeks. His main concern is not his knee operation but his '' Noah's Ark ''.After managing a SPA shelter for years, last December he had to hand over because he was frazzled. Yet, he had become so attached to his '' protégés '' that when he resigned, he went away with some of them : a gang of stray cats and two horses.
So, to take a weight off his shoulders, we offered to take care of his ménagerie while he is away. However, we are just rookies in the job and he has to explain everything to the minutest details, even what seems a 
no-brainer to him !
I guess when coming close to horses my heart will go pitapat because I must confess I am far from being a daredevil. My husband is over the moon : he is a real animal-lover and he will be on his home-ground.

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