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lundi 9 mars 2015


All's well that ends well ! Yet I had started off on the wrong foot ..

Last Saturday while watching TV, I indulged myself in a licorice wheel. No sooner had I hear a little voice inside me saying  " Dany,you are too greedy '' than one of my crowns got loose and tickled my palate !! Too late !! '' Well '', I thought '' that serves me right !''. To see the funny side ot if, I toyed with the idea of hiding the crown under my pillow for the tooth fairy to bring me a small present, but my husband told me gently that I was living in cloud-cuckoo land !! So, I just dropped the victim of the licorice wheel revolution in a mouth wash till meeting my dear dentist..

After a good night sleep I had forgotten my misfortune and was as perky as ever.After lunch unfortunately, while preparing coffee, I knocked the glass coffee-pot against the granite worktop and, of course, it cracked and freed the hot beverage angrily on my brand-new white sneakers ! My husband just sighed and said : " Yesterday a crown, today a coffee-pot, all things come by threes, so let's flee from this bewitched place and sip our coffee at the seaside. So, off we went !
We had our drinks in a tiny typical buvette nestled at the bottom of a steep cliff, facing the ocean ( in the distance, in the clear weather you can see Sein Island). It is very quiet, far from the maddening crowds, only th locals know the place up to now ...Just the song of the seagulls and the backwash. I was on cloud nine and the Breton wind had almost blown away my little miseries.
But I had not taken into account the spell cast on me over the last few days..
We drove back home and in next to no time I felt sick and had to go to bed where I stayed for three days. Allergy to antibiotics : they cured my chronic sinusitis but crushed my stomach and intestines to a pulp !!

But as I told you at the beginning of this chapter, all's well that ends well.
I still feel a bit weebly-wobbly from time to time but I don't mind !

Every cloud has a silver lining.

PS : if you want to know more about the buvette, here is a link on Internet :

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