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lundi 2 mars 2015


Here is a new episode of the adventures of Dany the Perky Busy Bee in the Far-West.
In the previous chapter I told you I was to look after my god-father's ménagerie. Well, I have always been a daydreamer and once more I haven't failed to my reputation.
When my god-father mentionned horses, I immediately pictured myself working in a ranch with Buffalo Bill.You know, wearing a checked shirt, cow-boy pants, pointed-toe boots, and maybe even a lasso wound round my waist, ready to break in the fiery foals !
As soon as we arrived in the meadow where they graze, I had to lower my sights.. Every  evening my favourite cow-boy and I will have to wade into ankle-deep mud, try to drag the horses back to the stable for the night. That won't be as easy as pie because, for example, Rézéda, a thirty-two-year-old mare is moody and whimsical, and demands many lumps of sugar to obey ..
Then,before saying good-night to our four-legged friends, we will have to clean the stable ( OMG, I have never seen so much manure !),fill up their buckets with fresh water and lug along bales of hay. Now I do understand the phrase : '' to eat like a horse ''.
I bet we will be bushed when coming back home and won't need any herbal tea to get to sleep.
I just secretly hope we will be awarded a medal of good and faithful service at the ende of our training.
Anyway, my god-father seems to think we are fit for service, so we will strive to be up to it !!

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