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lundi 6 juillet 2015



Last week I told you about my quest not for the Holy Grail, but for my dream parasol. You remember that I came back home empty-handed, or let's say without a parasol, but  the boot full of trifles.
I guess you must think that in addition to being a sucker, the perky busy bee is an impulse buyer,as well !
Should I play guilty ? Well, before returning your verdict, let me fight my case and prove otherwise.
So, let's have a closer look at what I bought last week instead of my parasol :

.Soft soap : I am addicted to it because it is an economical product to pamper
 the whole house and it is ecofriendly. Yet, when I buy some, I don't like  shop-assistants soft-soap me !

. Screwdrivers : when you do odd jobs, have you noticed that you never have 
  the right screwdriver. Either its tip is too big or it is too small ! So, with my
  set I'm sure to avoid turning my favourite repairman into a grumpy            handyman ! So, screw the price !!

. Wonder glue : I'm rather clumsy and to chip crockery, I 'm a record-breaker !
  So, at least while I am repairing my mess with my magic glue, I am not
  glued to my computer !

. A doorstop : I save time not running to the door every time Canaille wants 
  to go in or out. Draughts won't slam the door in its face any longer !
  I had considered installing a cat flap, but even if  Ulysse, thanks to his 
  fish diet ( episode of the 81 tins of mackerel ) would have been able to go 
  through, Greedy Canaille would have got stuck in it !

. Chair leg felt pads : my purchase had legs, but when I showed the pads to 
  my husband, he thought I was pulling his leg because they were far too 
  thin to keep the chairs from scratching our tiled floor ! I understood why it
  was a special offer.. Anyone can make a mistake, can't they ?

So, of the five items, only one should have stayed on its shelf ! Thus, I think
I'm far from being an impulse buyer. I'm just a sidetracked shopper.

Anyway, I do have a parasol now !! I bought it online and it was delivered on time. Unfortunately, the heatwave which was forecast is baking nearly all the country but Sud Finistère ! I wonder if I shouldn't have bought a large umbrella best in all weathers ! ( I haver already surfed on the web and found golf umbrellas which look really great !).