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dimanche 24 janvier 2016


                                                   CHAPTER FIFTY :  PARTY TIME !

    Sorry to bother you with a spoof question, but if I want to change your mind off things, I really need to ask it !
    So, what's your favourite month ?

    I'd bet my head January doesn't win general approval.Even worse, I guess it brings up the rear !
    No surprise ! January is a dreary month : the weather is dull and the sky is grey. Xmas festive season is just a memory of bygone days, and Spring seems lightyears ahead of us. To crown it all, TV figureheads( you know I happen to speak bluntly so I think they can't be called
"newscasters", can they ?) all round the clock utter a stream of disasters to entice us to give in to gloom and doom.
Doom-watch is their business !

    So, what's left ? A fat belly ( New Year binge is sprawling cheekily around our waists) and a flat purse ( Xmas spending spree is an awfully greedy money sucker).

    Depressing, isn't it ? Feel like burying your head in the pillows and wallowing in your misery ?


    Even if it is not party everyday, in January there are plenty of opportunities to let yourself go and have a whale of time !

                                   JANUARY 3rd

     Ok, you din't get the bean, but the frangipane Twelfth Night cake was delicious, wasn't it ?

                                   JANUARY 11th

    It was " Clean off your desk Day ".Have you skipped it ? Well,it's never too late to do the right thing. You can celebrate that day a couple of weeks later. Fight back the flood on your desk. Don't wear a frown ! Purging the paper can be fun ! You can play trashcan paper toss game. Don't tear old paperwork, junk mail and memos ! Crumple them up instead and count how many times you can make it in your trashcan ! Maybe you'll discover your inner NBA basketball player. Ready, steady,go !!

                                   JANUARY 21st

It was Hugging Day ! I hope you haven't dared to overlook it ! A comforting cuddle to those you care about is priceless.So, as soon as you have read my post , turn off your computer and make up for lost time ! Nobody around ? Never mind ! Hug yourself ! Sure, it will cheer you up, at least it will warm you up !

                                   JANUARY 24th

It was Compliments Day . I guess some of you knew about it because I got plenty of sweet words and praises on
Thanks a milllion. For my part let me pay you the compliment of being loyal, lenient and hard-working readers*.

                                    JANUARY 26th

Put your thinking caps on and ponder about the meaning of that day !
Come on, rack your brain a little !
Chocolate Cake Day ?? Wrong !! Chocolate Cake Day is on January 27th, a red-letter day for chocolate lovers.
Do you want a clue ? Look at the photo !!
No idea ? You give up ?

It is my first blogiversary !!

I'm so excited ! Blogging is an awesome experience and it's all the more thrilling as you keep showing support !



By the way, do you know where I will celebrate ? Have a guess ....

* a good and free online dictionary :

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