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dimanche 28 août 2016




First of all, let me apologize for "September blues " episode. I don't know what went through my mind, but telling you that an uncomfortable truth is always better than a lie was rather preachy,wasn't it ?
There are enough sermonizers all around to cobble the truth together for what they call " our good ". No need to lay it on thick !

Anyway, today the Pinocchio effect (my nose growing)won't give me away,cause I'll play fair and start with, at least, a nugget of truth :
mapping out my new story and jotting down the funniest details was not as easy as pie !
First, because the end-of-Summer parties is in full swing (chatting and sipping in the last rays of golden sun), and then especially because over the last few days my eyes have been riveted to the calendar.

Come on, don't get me wrong ! I'm not on a tight schedule ! Far from it !
My motto in life is Carpe Diem. I guess it may sound corny, but I try to be present and content in the moment I am !

No, the reason for my sudden calendar addiction is pretty simple :
I'm holding my breath till next Friday, September 2nd, to be fit as a fiddle to blow the candles !!
Guess what ! It will be my birthday !
By the way, don't hesitate to cram my inmail box with a horde of wishes,blessings and sweet messages ! You will make my day !

Every year, as my D-day is coming, I feel like making a fresh start.
Changing figures makes my drive skyrocket.
" The older, the perkier and the busier " has always been my rule and I try to stick to it through thick and thin.

When I say ' a fresh start ', I mean new healthy habits and a better-balanced lifestyle, of course, but first and foremost  new goals, that is to say, as I read on the Net, new dreams with deadlines.

You have browsed through my posts for long enough now, to know how gung-ho I am and how easily I unleash my imagination.
Yet, when it comes to setting goals, I usually make sure they are not wildly unrealistic, but just achievable and relevant !
( flabbergasted, aren't you ?? ).

Up to now my method has been working quite smoothly and successfully ....oops, my inner Pinocchio is tickling me again !!
So, I won't let " the showoff I am about to be " tell you tales and lies !

Among the goals I have failed to achieve, I remember one and I will share my disappointing experience with you.
Don't worry, it won't be sad and you won't be grief-stricken for me, for sure !!

So, one year on my birthday (don(t forget : September 2nd) I decided to commit to making a big change:
giving myself a brand new look and adopting a new clothing style would be my main aim for the months to come .

No sooner said than done. Bye bye denim and cow-boy boots. My fashion makeover was on its way !!

Unfortunately, after purging my closet, I had to face the facts :
either I was doomed to go outside in just my underwear or my see-through nightdress, or it was high time to buy some dresses and skirts.
The last dress I had worn was my wedding one, so I couldn't rely on it to mailorder something fit and suitable.

Fitting-rooms have always been my number one pet-hate. But if I wanted to accomplish my goal, I had to overcome that obstacle.

So, there I was, locked into one of those poorly-lit tiny rooms, stuck between a merciless  mirror and a pile of dresses to try on.
Poor me ! When they fitted me, the colour didn't look great on me, and when they suited me, it was never the right size !

Jeez, I was in a sweat, fed up and eager to be done with that chore !!

I slipped into the last pencil dress left, nervously, and what was to happen, happened ....

I had forgotten to unzip it properly, and in a wink it turned into a straight-jacket.
I was standing there, my head half-stuck in the neckline, and my arms imprisonned in that awful " cigarette-case " !!

After five minutes which seemed an eternity, the shop-assistant knocked at the door and asked :

"Is everything ok, Madam ? "

Phew !! At last  the time of my release had come !

Too good to be true ...

Sure, that dress was good value for money , cause, even though the zip was not that convenient, the fabric was pretty thick, and then muffled my voice quite well !!!

After two vain attempts at making myself understood, I had to give up any clear and intelligible explanations.
So, I started uttering shrieks.

It was just as if I had set off the fire alarm.
Within a few seconds I could hear the jingle of keys and I could feel the shop-assistant's helpful hand zip the ominous dress down !!

Just a glance at myself in the mirror was enough to crown my misfortune :
tousled hair, red cheeks crossed by the marks of the dress neckline and my mouth wide open to take my breath back !
What a sight !!

If it was to be my new style,better forget about it and focus on another goal on that year's list !

Want to know about my goal for this year : more photos and videos on my blog, and why not a hub for English Learning !

That's all for this week, folks !

Make the most of each day and don't forget :

  Be perky !

( and don't forget my birthday, either !)