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dimanche 23 octobre 2016





Three weeks ago I told you about my book addiction, and how hard it is to curb it !
But, do I really want to ?
Well, actually, I don't think so.
Books are my best leisure-time friends. Novels change my mind off things, and thrillers can keep me awake all night long, either because the plot is engrossing, or because they are so true-to-life that I need to get up again to check all the doors are locked (see chapter 57 : thrill-seeker).
When I snuggle in bed with a book and begin reading, I am so excited about the adventure to come that I hardly ever fall asleep !
Yes, I'm a sleepless reader !
Fortunately, I'm a short sleeper,as well. I can get by with just five hours of sleep. I am both a night owl and an early bird.
I can turn in well after midnight, then get up a few hours later, and barrel through the day without needing to take naps or load up on caffeine.

So, how come that when watching TV, I can't help dozing off, or even worse, falling asleep.
No kidding ! I can't remember the last time I've made it all the way through a movie, while on the couch !

I have tried all the tips I could find :

. Nibbling worked pretty well, but my weighing scales didn't agree and
  threatened to go on strike if I continued confusing a handful of raw
  almonds and the whole harvest of an almond tree ! So, ...

. Sipping  a hot drink (no herbal tea, of course !): once was enough to
  make me forget about that !
  My eyelids closed without warning, I dropped my cup, soaked my
  pants and nearly burnt my lap !

. Twiddling my thumbs and wiggling my toes turned out to be not only
  useless, but painful, cause it triggered my first rheumatic experience !
  No need to tell you that when the GP asked me if I had had a kind of
  repetitive physical workload over the last few days, I answered a
  straightforward " No ".
  Fortunately, Dearhubby was not with me, otherwise he would have
  spilled the beans !!

Whatever the tips and tricks, relevant or wacky, my eyelids were stronger. They ruled the roost, and reaching an agreement on their closing time was too much to ask for !!

Not being able to concentrate on the babble box, even when one of my favourite broadcasts was on, was rather frustrating !

Then, I thought that lying or snuggling on the couch was perhaps too comfy, and thus not really suitable to keep eyes wide open.
Yes, I needed to swap my soft sofa for a merciless seat, I mean , an  armless one with a straight back and a paper thin pad .

And there I was,the day after,  sitting upright on my office chair, ready to watch an episode of one of my favourite series.
How hazardous it was ....
Half-an-hour later I jerked my head up, just in time not to fall off my sneaky chair !!
Once more Mr Sandman had won the game !!

A few days later, a re-run of " Mulholland Drive " was on . I had already seen that film, but I had not got really the point of it. So, if I wanted to get a chance to catch the things I had missed, there was only one way out :

          Sitting on the wooden floor !

And that's what I did !

At nine sharp, I was sitting cross-legged  on the floor with, I must confess, a cushion under my bottom (a budding yogi needs some comfort).

Then David Lynch film started.....and then " Silencio " the last word of that great movie was spreading on the screen !!

Heck !!! I had fallen asleep one more time and missed a masterpiece !

I staggered up and caught sight of my dog Charlie (RIP) lying on the sofa, watching the TV set, and I guess, expecting the dotted puppies of " The 101 Dalmatians " to frolick on the screen soon !!
The world had gone crazy !!

That's all folks !

By the way, if you have seen " Mulholland Drive ", your helpful clues are welcome !

PS : Thanks a million Laurence B. for your recent phone-call . It really made my day and encourages me to keep on trying to entertain you with my weekly stories !!