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dimanche 12 février 2017





Hi everybody,

What's up ?

All kinds of stuff ? Oh, gosh, thanks a million, then, for squeezing me in your spare-time.

Just the same old same old ? Well, quite true that life is not always full of twists and turns, and, that the humdrum routine is sometimes deadly boring,but after all, it also helps to stay on track (especially for
side-tracked people like me).

Stop fuming over your daily chores, and just keep scrolling down this week's story. Once you have finished reading, if you still feel like moaning and whining, just let me know, and I'll try to do better next week !

But, if you have shaken off your gloom, don't hesitate to drop me a mail. I'm always happy to hear from perky readers.

In the meantime, let's set off on a new adventure.

It has been long since I last asked you a question.
Can you remember when ?
No ? Well, that's a good opportunity to go back to the previous chapters.
Come on, lazy you, wipe the scowl off your face !
I am not asking you to pore through the 104 chapters. I'm not that heartless !
Let me give you a clue.
The title of the story has something to do with spies, but with shelters, as well ...
That's enough !
I'm expecting all your answers within the next few days.

Oops, you see, one more time I have got sidetracked.So, before it slips my mind again, let me ask you this week's question.

Are you the sporty type or a couch potato ?

Sorry for being a bit straightforward, but I need to know.

As Spring is on its way (first primroses along Brittany paths), I'm thinking about getting out of the Winter rut, and exercising again.

So,if you are a die-hard fan of push-ups, crunches, squats and all that jazz, I hope that after reading this story, you'll flood my inmail box with your wised advice, and your energy-boosting tips.
Up for anything outdoors ? You're welcome, too !

But,roll up your sleeves, cause coaching me won't be a walk in the park.

For example, when it comes to jogging, I am never reluctant, I even happen to be hearty.
Unfortunately, no sooner have I mapped out my route than things go wrong : one knot too many and my sneaker laces break, one cookie too many and my muffin top refuses to fit into my sweatpants, one dark cloud too many and's too late ! I don't have any spare pair of laces, my other tracksuit has shrunk (how come ?), and what's worse, the sun has vanished and it looks like rain.

What can I do , then, except slump onto the couch, curl up among the comfy cushions, and just daydream about being an athlete ?

Unfortunately, I must confess, I have nothing to do with medal-winners.
I'm just the prime example of an armchair athlete, not to say a couch potato.

Don't get me wrong. Unlike couch potatoes, my main aim when crashing on the sofa is not to watch TV ( I told you about its side effects in the chapter '' Sleep Hypnosis " ), but to browse through magazines and books, sip some green tea with honey, and munch on cashew nuts and walnuts, and idle the time away.

Foolproof ways to pig out and put on weight (elastic waist pants demanded, then !), but can't be seen as energy-booster,can they ?

No,really the only thing that could make me roll down the couch, squeeze into my jogging pants (even if they look like a pantie girdle), put on my hook and loop sneakers (laces not needed any longer), and head out to the door, would be a running buddy !

My dogs ? Come on, are you kidding ?

Those two lazy guys don't mind walking me, cause they know I need some fresh air before writing my blog, and especially before preparing their meals.
But as couch potatoes, they are second to none.
Snuggling down in their baskets after a cheerful ' fetch the ball ', or,
'find the treat ' game is their guilty pleasure.
But running for running's sake, no way !

Having a cushy time is their motto, and it has always been the motto of all the dogs I have had !
Actually, it must 'run in the family',cause the very first dog we had, set the mood immediately...

Jolux (yes, the naughty housebreaker of chapter  ' Love at first sight ')was a cheerful, loyal, playful and energetic little dog.
So, one day I thought I could start a running program with him.

We were on holidays in a hilly place in the middle of nowhere and far from the madding crowd, so a good opportunity to work out together.

I leashed him to leave our rental, but once on the quiet path I had spotted before, I let him go free.
WhenI started jogging, he thought I was playing, so he ran in front of me, barked, pushed me, and so on...
He knew the ' heel ' command when walking, but when running, he pretended to be deaf !

Then, little by little, he calmed down, and trotted behind me, letting out some heavy sighs, cause I didn't leave him any break to read the latest news, I mean, to sniff the blades, the clods, and all his fellows' messages.
Although I was running at the same, steady, moderate pace, a quarter later I was in a sweat, and not so full of beans.
As for Jolux, I was amazed at his stamina , I could not even hear him panting or even sniffing !
I turned back to congratulate him and stroke him around the ears, his favourite cuddle, but... no dog to be seen , even in the far distance !
I called him, I whistled (badly, but I did ), I clapped, I shouted all the words he knew, but my 'treats,good boy and ball 'got no barking
reply !

All the way back home, I kept screaming my head off, in vain.
When I arrived near the house, I was out of breath,scared stiff and
First thing was to contact the local animal shelters, and then, to comb the neighbourhood again.

I opened the gate of the garden, and was looking for the keys in my bumbag, when I caught sight of Jolux having a nap on the door-mat !

The lady nextdoor came out, and asked me if it was my dog.
When I answered that she was right, the couch potato sprawling over there was mine, she uttered a sigh of relief.
She said that he had been lying on the door-mat for nearly half-an-hour, but she was puzzled because he didn't look like a stray dog at all.
Jeez ! And all that time, I had been jogging, then searching desesperately my so-called partner !!

Now you see that turning me into a sporty type won't be as easy as ABC, but I think you won't give up.
So, I'm expecting a lot of energy-boosting tips and tricks in my inmail box.

Thanks in advance !

That's all for this week, folks.
Have a good reading, share it and don't forget : BE PERKY !

BTW : Sporty doggies' owners' advice is welcome, too, of course !

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