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samedi 17 juin 2017




 Hi everybody,

That's me again !

What ??? " Me who ?? ". Are you kidding ? Don't you remember me ?
Of course this is a photo of me when I was a puppy, but as I'm still puppy-minded, I have chosen  that one to let you know that this week I'm on line again !

You know what ? I'm cooped up, to say it mildly.
To be honest, between you and me, I think, I am punished. Yes, that's it, I am punished, and even worse, unfairly !
Don't ask me why . The only thing I know is that Perky was digging the flower-bed and I kept barking to tell her that I had not buried any chewbones or treats there. In vain ! So, I started barking louder to warn her that Sugardaddy wouldn't be happy with her, cause last time I digged a hole in the garden, he scolded me ! No use !
What could I do ?
Well, I decided to pace up and down the flower-bed to show her that I had already tested the place and there was nothing to be found there !
That's when things went wrong....

I have already told you how weird and unpredictable Perky can sometimes be.
I didn't see it coming, but before I could say Jack Robinson, I was taken in and locked in !
Perky shaking her finger at me is never a good sign. I often know why and I usually lie low.
But today, I really feel blamed for something I didn't do !
I could cry foul, but Sugardaddy is mowing the lawn and won't hear me .

So, here I am, alone in Naughty Perky's study.
Champing at the bit, because I have a bone to pick with her ?
Not at all !
You know, a leopard can't change its spots, I mean, an English Springer Spaniel stays loyal, affectionate and eager to please , through thick and thin !

So today, I will fill Perky's shoes and work my tail off to treat you with some good reading.
Sure, Perky will be grateful to me, cause she is really behind with her blogging stuff, and she is the only one to be blame, but nobody is perfect.

She has the same foible as me. She is crazy about felt yellow balls.
Why does she call that ' tennis ' and not ' fetch the ball ' , go figure !
So, every year,between late May and early June, I know I can't get anything out of her.

She takes off her Perky Busy Bee costume to slip into the Lady of Leisure's.
Of course, we have a long walk on the moor, and a ' hide and seek ' game in the garden in the morning, but after lunch no way to drag her out !
I am ready to share all my squeaky toys or my well-worn frisbee, but she is ' incorruptible '.
Whatever my tricks to attract her attention, her answer is always the same :
   " No, Canaille, it's Roland Garros tournament ! ".

I don't know who that Roland Garros is, but if I were Sugardaddy, I would be a bit suspicious ...
But Sugardaddy doesn't have a jealous bone in his body !
Quite the contrary !!
At two o'clock sharp,every afternoon, he switches on the telly to make sure Perky doesn't miss the players' warming-up.

Yes, guys, that girl's really mad about that game  that she calls  ' a tournament ' and that I would simply call a kind of hype " fetch-the-ball game " !

When TV is on, whatever the program, I have noticed that she often dozes off,  but tennis matches keep her wide awake.
Even worse, she is so fidgety, then, that  I can't even have a good afternoon nap, sprawling on her lap !
It is just as  if those little yellow felt balls were driving her nuts.
She claps her hands, she jumps out of her armchair, slumps into it again, she utters deep sighs, shrieks and even sometimes four-letter words ( she knows a heck of a lot ...).

Sometimes I feel green with envy, cause she never looks so thrilled when we play ' fetch-the-ball ' together.  And yet I am an ace at it !

You can't imagine the fifteen hard days I have to go through every year because of those damned flying balls.
Brace yourselves ! She gets so engrossed in the game that she nearly skips my meals !!

So, I have to make do with what is at hand (or at paw, in my case).
To think that pawing to the kitchen and back would give her a light bulb moment is just wishful thinking !
Putting my paw on her lap ? Forget about it ! It just triggers her more and more irritated " down " !
But words are wasted on a starving man (and on a starving dog, as well).
My empty stomach doesn't give a hoot about any crunches of the tennis match.
When I am fed up (well, that's a way of putting it), I put my nose on her lap and drool !

Right in the target !!
She springs to her feet, scolds me because I have ruined her trousers with my chops, but I don't care, cause then she rushes to the kitchen, prepares my bowl, puts it down and  rushes back to the telly.
Expecting some kind of " Enjoy your meal " ? Too much to ask for ! But don't feel sorry for me, I'm used to it now, and after all, it only lasts a fortnight . 

Easy to figure out why Perky is now snowed under with work inside and outside , and why she is twitchy. Maybe that's why she refused my help to patrol the flower-bed . 
Poor girl !
I guess she will be tickled pink when she realizes I have written this week's post.
Sure she will open the ' treats drawer ', and then...
Just thinking about it makes my mouth water !


Oh dear, I can hear the top dog, aka, Perky,driving her wheelbarrow into the garden shed, so it's high time I switched off her laptop .
I'll do my best to pretend to sulk, but not too long, cause I'm an English Springer Spaniel !


BTW : don't forget : BE PERKY !



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