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vendredi 23 juin 2017



Hello everybody,

Phew, the heatwave that struck Brittany last week has gone away ! Here such a scorcher is quite unusual, and shutting the windows, pulling down the shades at 10am, and then staying cooped up till sunset are not things we are used to.
Feeling sluggish and dragging one's feet from one armchair to another are real downers, aren't they ?

Fortunately, after those awful dog days, mild temperatures, blue sky and a gentle seabreeze are expected for the next few weeks, so I'm back on line, as fresh as a daisy, and, of course, as perky as a busy bee !

Even better , no need to rack my brain to get some thrilling stuff for you
cause, a couple of days ago,I woke up at the crack of dawn with this week's topic in my head !
Jumping the gun and starting scribbling still in jammies ? No way !
When my feet hit the floor, I must stick to my morning routines not to veer off course, and fall behind with my daily plans (and sharing my adventures with you is a part of them !).

Usually a lukewarm shower and a healthy breakfast fuel my energy and keep me on tracks, as well.

So , two days ago, go figure what went wrong with my morning habits ?

Was my shower too steamy ?
Quite true that I am not yet bold enough to experience  the  heart- pounding exhilaration of a cold shower, but I do my best, and everyday I turn down the temperature a wee bit, so nothing to blame myself for !

Then, was my breakfast too creamy ?
Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit and seeds is too yummy to be sneaky !

So what ? I really don't know, but it turned out that, once done with those two " rituals ", there was still something niggling at the back of my mind ...

Well, a kind of meditation in the garden would definitely get those fuzzy ideas  out of my hair.
Don't get me wrong ! When I say " meditation ", it doesn't really mean sitting cross-legged on the grass chanting " Omm...".
You know, that position requires flexibility in the hip joints, back and thighs, and, I am anything but supple and toned. To be honest, I'm as stiff as a poker,and the catch is that whenever I sit in an Indian style, my legs go numb in a wink.
So, a good reason not to risk getting stuck in the middle of the orchard, shouting for help. No way to be the laughing stock of Dearhubby !

No, when it comes to meditate, I have my own ways, and weeding the garden is my favourite.
Digging up dandelions, thistles, clovers and bindweeds is my best 
" mind cleaner ". And, of course, it lets my imagination run riot.

So, last Friday, there I was, weeding both the lawn and my mind, when I felt something hard under my hand...a kind of felt  patch.
What was buried there ? 
I dug a bit deeper, and found other tiny pieces of beige felt ...
Jeez !! My slipper !!
You remember when Canaille blogged for the first time, he told you he thought I loved playing " Fetch the slipper ".
Well, last time he played that naughty game he has invented , I was just stepping out of the bathroom and couldn't run after him.

What was to happen, happened.
Canaille came back from the garden without my slipper !
Counting on him to remember where he had left his " prey " was just wishful thinking, cause I have rubbed off on him, and he is scatterbrained and easily sidetracked : a birdy twitting , a twig cracking louder, and Canaille forgets what he was doing !!

Sent back into the garden to find the slipper, he pawed up and down, wagging his tail and sniffing as if he was on the track of Cinderella's glass slipper, but I already knew my Charming Prince would come back home , as happy as a lark, more playful than ever, but empty-mouthed.
I had to face the facts : my right slipper was reported missing and the  poor orphan left at home could be thrown away. 

No regret, cause , last Friday, when I found the tattered felt, I realized my slipper had suffered agonies under the wheels of Dearhubby's lawn garden tractor !!

That's when I had a light bulb moment and I understood what had been niggling at the back of my mind since I had woken up.

My slippers ? Canaille ?
Yes, that was it !!

Actually, I had a bone to pick with Canaille for filling my shoes last week and turning me into an armchair sportsman in his blogpost, and now I had another bone to pick with him for losing  my shoe !

I would not make any bones about that, and I would tell him who the top dog was !

But a leopard can't change its spots ...

When I came back home and opened the door, that naughty boy greeted me so cheerfuly ,  and he gave me such a dog and pony show that my heart melted, and I gave him lots of cuddles !!

So,for the topic I had in my head when waking up two days ago, you'll have to wait till next week !

In the meantime, make the most of each day, and don't forget :

                             BE PERKY !

PS : When the cat is away, the mice will play ...Perky has gone out, so here is a picture of me to show you that all the naughty things she tells you about me are not true. Look ! I'm as good as gold !!


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