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vendredi 21 juillet 2017


Hello everybody,

Look who it is !

No, you're not dreaming ! That's me, Canaille, Perky's English Springer Spaniel !

For the new-comers, a brief summary of the previous episodes.

Some weeks ago, Perky, my whimsical but sweet owner, was feeling flat and asked me to be her ghost-writer, and blog for her.

You know the special tight bond between that girl and me : she is my puppyhood sweetheart, and I am her knight in shining armor.
So, when it comes to lending a hand (and a paw, as well), I'm second to none,  even if sometimes my extraordinary skills are not highly praised (that's not fair, but such is life). For example, not a wee bit of congratulations for digging the best hole for Perky's new plants ! And yet, I think I could be a first-rate landscape gardener. A vocation nipped in the bud.

Let's forget about that and let's get down to brass tacks.

Blogging for Perky was far from being a walk in the park. Actually nothing to do with an exhilarating walk ...

For those who don't know, tail-waggers like me can stay indoors as long as we have comfy baskets, super soft fleece blankets and allegedly forbidden bed and couches at our disposal, but we do prefer outdoor life thrills.
What's better than running, springing (quite normal for Springers), barking, paddling in muddy puddles, you name it !

So, you can imagine how I had to fall over myself to post some funny, true to life stuff.
But Springers are versatile, and I did it ! With flying colours, unfortunately ! Yes, guys, you read it ' UNFORTUNATELY ', cause that's when things went wrong.
Overnight Perky's blog traffic skyrocketed,and instead of being tickled pink, she turned green with envy,and warned me that tooting my own horn on her own blog was not fair !
Those harsh words really plagued my mind, and that's why last week I got that load off my chest in my post.

And now, you know what ?

I'd like to say a heartfelt thank to all of  all over the world ! You have really done a bang-up job.

Thanks to your mails*, Perky has eaten humble pie !!
Yes, guys, she has had an epiphany, and she has realized how hard and ungrateful she had been with me, Canaille, the poor wanabee blogger.

One week of the best-ever cuddles and quite a few Treats Drawer openings later, I am back on line.
Perky has decided to take the easy way-out, chill out a bit longer, and let me nuture the dream of becoming a world-famous blogging dog.

I must admit that she is sometimes unpredictable, but never mind . Let bygones be bygones.
Bye bye Canaille the ball boy, the slipper thief, the Jack of all trades !
Welcome Canaille of the Dogosphere, the first-rate cyber sidekick .

' Canaille of the Dogosphere ' to come out soon

Whatever Perky's taunts, I have had the upper hand. 
To be honest, I didn't have to fight hard...

Don't get me wrong ! Perky is not overly permissive. She sometimes scolds me and says 'no' in such a stern voice that I know it is high time to stop playing the fool, and be as good as gold.

She's quite strict, too, about table manners, or I should say, about ' bowl manners ', cause, even though there are enough chairs round the table, I'm never invited to sit on one of them, and believe me, I've tried...

So, when she prepares my meals, I'm never allowed to put my paws on the countertop to supervise the preparation, and suggest a few more ingredients such as some slices of sausage or ham bits. When in the kitchen, Perky rarely lets her imagination run riot and when she does, poor Sugardaddy ....

For drinks, the same old tune ! Splashing water from my bowl ? No way . I have to lap up quietly as if I had nothing else to do, and just read the previous episodes, and you will see how hectic my life is. Always on the move and on a tight schedule and sometimes, too short of time to have my dozen wholesome naps !

The worst is when it comes to getting treats.
It is a very sensitive case.

When Perky opens the magic drawer, my own Aladdin's cave, I have to keep sitting, which I do, even though I have pins and needles in my legs. 
Of course, I can't help wagging my tail, but that's ok, cause Perky says that's my contribution to dusting the floor.
Then, if, unfortunately, I swallow the first treat without chewing it, I can bid farewell to a second one, and accept to be called " a glutton " . ' 
" No second helping for Greedy Canaille ", she says. Then I say to myself " Bad hair day for Starving Canaille ".

                                             two friends of mine's suggestion 

Apart from those little obsessions, I must confess Perky is an easy-going hostess.
No attempt to turn me into a watch-dog : lucky me, I guess I would be scared stiff . So, I will never receive the Animals' George Cross*, the highest gallantry award for animals. Never mind !

She has not even tried to teach me to sit up or beg, because of all the failures she went through with my predecessors ,Jolux and Charly ( you can see the guys's photos in my previous post). It doesn' matter, I am not competing to be a nominee for the World Dog Awards.

So, here I am, enjoying a life of ease in a kind of Land of Milk and Honey with my two sweethearts taking care of me.
Everything would be for the best in the best of all possible worlds, if ...
but that's  another story I' ll tell you next week !

In the meantime, have a pawesome week and don't forget :

                                        BE PERKY http

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