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lundi 9 février 2015

Chapter three

Late January I had told you that I wanted to make a fresh start. Well,it seems that I am on track to meet my commitment, but, of course it's pretty too early to boast a victory. Nothing comes easy, a minor event can put me back to square one ! Anyway I do strive to stay the course and on the days when I have let too many things go by the wayside, I don't whine or pout, but just remember that perfection is often overrated.

February is a quiet month here : no parties, no outings, nothing to celebrate (except Pancake Day, but we skipped it because countless number of Twelfth Night Cakes have payed havoc on our figures...). It is usually the month when we put our lives on hold. Hibernating works like a charm : it restores our balance, it's a kind of energy boost and it's also a way to step back.

But don't get me wrong ! I don't twiddle my thumbs, I always have some stressors to get rid of, some red tape to deal with, but, I try to do something pleasant everyday. For example, last week I tried out a new recipe : a salad of curried carrots. It was delicious and it makes a change from grated ones. It is a starter and you don't need a myriad of ingredients to make it : carrots (a pound), raisins (150gr), curry powder, olive oil and basil
( if you don't have any fresh basil at hand, frozen or dried basil does the trick).
If it makes your mouth water, next time I'll tell you how to make that wholesome, economical and carefree recipe.

Time now for me to walk the dog, so bye bye and don't forget :


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