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lundi 13 avril 2015


As I told you a while ago, I have swapped my cleaning lady outfit for a budding gardener one. Well, when I used the phrase " budding gardener "
I must admit that I had overrated my know-how...
After reading the uplifting story I 'll tell you now, you'll probably think 
I am a right noob !!

I was bred and lived in Paris for over fifty years and the only greenery islands I knew were the public gardens with their railings, their " keep off the grass "
cooling signs, their beautifully manicured flowerbeds and their benches so much in demand when the first rays of sun let their golden drops warm the

Then you can easily imagine my joy and my amazement when we settled down here. Wherever I lay my eyes, it's green, I mean countless shades of green ( light, dark, apple,sage,..). I've been raving over the least wild flower,the tiniest bud, the youngest shoot, in short I'm keen as mustard as soon as Spring comes !

Last week I noticed the grass on the west side was getting greener and brighter. I had a closer look and I could see minute white buds. Which flowers were about to come out ? White bluebells ? I decided to be patient and let Mother Nature take its course. A few days later I thought my patience had been rewarded. White flowers on long grass-like stems were blooming in the garden. The west side was just carpeted in white flowers. A breathtaking 
view !!
I was over the moon ! Poor me !! What short-lived happiness !!
When I got closer to those pretty flowers, they revealed their true nature.. I knelt down to smell them and I got a pungent, garlicky whiff !!
A bit disappointed and puzzled, I went back home to ask Mr Google for help.
A few clicks later, the verdict was in :

" Wild garlic. An invasive species reproducing prolifically from underground bulbs ".

The only non-chemical option suggested to get rid of them was to remove all bulbs with hand fork or a trowel !!

Considering the army of invaders, I decided to throw the towel ( and the 
trowel, as well) and make do with the breath of garlic breeze. After all, the kitchen windows overlook my so-called white bluebells and their smell will match the one of bay leaves, parsley and thyme I use a lot to conceal my
poor talents as a cook !


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