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lundi 13 juillet 2015



Tomorrow is our most important national holiday : Bastille Day. Even if it commemorates the storming of the Bastille, I think nowadays for most people July 14th means parades, military bands, fireworks displays and dancing in the streets.
Well, I must confess I'm not really keen on that kind of festivities. I'm a perky busy bee in my hive, but I don't feel at ease in crowded places, and even worse, they tend to get me grumpy !
So, I guess I'll stay home and have a pamper break, basking in the sun with a good book. Don't ask me which one because I've too many to choose from. Am I a book hoarder ? I hope not, but when I am in a bookshop, I always have a tough time deciding what to buy. Buying only one book is a harsh challenge I am unable to take up ! So, some days ago I raided the local bookshop and came back home with a pile of '' can't-put-them-down " novels.
Anyway,when I say I'll avoid Bastille Day, don't get me wrong ! I'm far from being a wet blanket !
Summer is now in full swing and Dany the Perky Busy Bee is ready to slow down, relax and jump at any party-time opportunity. And to make the most of July, once more I've asked Mr Google for help..

.Of course, I'll skip July 15th because on that day in 1869 margarine was 
 patented. Yuk !! For Bretons there's nothing else like butter. It's magic ! 
 Nothing can replace its rich flavour and the crispy, chewy and tender textures
 it gives to other foods. So, forget about July 15th.

.July 17th is the day when in 1902 the air-conditioner was invented. So, my 
 thoughts will be with my Parisian readers stuck in stuffy flats or packed in 
 sauna bathlike public transports. I will celebrate that day with my own 
 air-conditioner :the Atlantic soothing sea breeze ! 

.Last but not least, July 23rd will take the biscuit ( if you are British, and 
 the cake, if you are American). In 1904 Charles E.Minches of St Louis,
 Missouri, filled pastry cone with two scoops of ice cream and the ice cream
 cone was invented !
 What is you favourite flavour ? Mine is pistachio, but I have a soft spot for
 When you splurge on a sweet frozen treat, which is your option ? Sorbet,
 ice cream or frozen yoghurt ? Don't ask me ! I do love all of them !!
 So, on July 23rd I'll go on an ice cream spree to thank Mr Minches for his 
 bright invention !

July is really gorgeous and whatever the weather is, there is always something cheerful in the air !

Make the most of each day of this month !

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