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dimanche 6 mars 2016




While I was maping out the plot of this new chapter, I suddenly realized that, even though I don't really know most of you, actually most of you know me !
I mean, if you were asked " What is Perky Busy Bee like ?", you wouldn't get flustered, would you ?
The comments you make either on the blog or in my inmail box show that you are lenient readers and keen observers,as well. Let me quote some remarks that keep up coming :
" Hi, Perky, you see everything through rose-coloured glasses,don't you ?"
Well, at least I try to look on the bright side. Of course, I know it is not always wine and roses, but, anyway, life would be rather dull if it were plain sailing !
" Hello Mrs PBB, I think your main character trait is to be chirpy,isn't it ?".
Quite right ! Even when alone, I often happen to hum. It could explain the heavy downpours and very few lulls since early January !
" Sorry for being nosy,Mrs Bee, but being such an animal lover, are you vegan ? "
Don't apologize ! It is not an indiscreet question at all ! After being scared stiff of dogs, cats and any pets, it is true that now I dote on them. I have often thought of going vegan, but never made the decision. Time will tell ...
Oops, I was about to forget the best comment !!
After reading chapter " All cats are grey in the dark" and chapter "Add a pinch of humour and Bob's your uncle ", you've awarded me :
" The most scatterbrained blogger prize " !
Then, as overindulgent as usual, you have added that maybe it was the symptom of a hectic life !!
Come on, stop buttering me up ! I live " far from the madding crowd " (a good book by Thomas Hardy) and the only stress I can get is to bore you !
Anyway, I agree with you. I am scatterbrained. I have always been. It has often played tricks on me, but as I am optimistic, I just remember the times that shortcoming has worked in my favour. Let me give you an example :
Some months ago, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves with a very good meal. We had already indulged ourselves in delicious but fattening foods, but we thought it would be the last time before going on a drastic diet ( for the umpteenth time ...).
Breton cuisine is rich and varied, and treating our tastebuds was as easy as pie !
What a wonderful meal ! It still makes my mouth water ! Stuffed spider crab, lobster with a fabulous creamy sauce, not to mention the dessert !
The next morning I had to go downtown, and as rain was forecast, I put on my raincoat.
Jeez ! I started feeling the side effects of our food binge.
Not only was I feeling bloated and overly full, but even worse, I could hardly button up my raincoat ! A glance at myself in the mirror before leaving shattered me down ! I looked like a tied roast ! That was the full monty !!
It was high time to fast, or at least to go easy on food !
I took off my raincoat, put on a loose windbreaker, and rushed to the greengrocer's to raid his crates.
The next two days I gulped down lots of veggies, and swallowed litres of lemon water.
Then, on the third day, as I was boiling some fish for lunch, the phone rang. It was a blocked number, and I answered rather abruptly. Cold calls get on my nerves !!
The lady on the other end of the line said :
" Sorry for being a nuisance, but some days ago we had dinner in the same restaurant, and I thin you left with my raincoat instead of yours.
The restaurant manager kindly accepted to give me the guests' phone-numbers, and since then I have been repeating on and on the story of my raincoat-napping ( a new word similar to kid-napping). You are my last hope !".
" Oh,good, well that's a load off ! I thought my raincoat had shrunk due to last month heavy downpours ! ", I answered mischievously ( no need to give further details...).
We made an appointment to swap our precious garments !
Moral of my story ( just for fun) :
If I had not been scatterbrained, I would not have taken the wrong raincoat, and I would not have gone on a diet !!