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dimanche 20 mars 2016




Some time ago a long-standing reader (and a long-standing friend, as well) pointed out that since I started this blog, Canaille, the English Springer Spaniel, has often been mentionned, but not a single word about Ulysse, the Coton of Tulear, and even more puzzling my husband seems to be off the face of the earth !!
Well, I must admit that keen observer is quite right ! So, as he keeps insisting on that , I guess I owe you some explanations.
Don't get me wrong, nosy readers ! If you are expecting some "spicy details " about my hubby and me, you're entirely mistaken. Mum's the word ! Case closed !
Anyway, don't feel disappointed, our couple has never hit the headlines of the tabloids ( or gutter press, as you like).
Now, let's come to Ulysse. Has this sweet little doggy demanded no intrusion into his privacy ? Not at all !
So what ? How come Canaille is often ont the front cover whereas Ulysse has to do with a supporting role ?
Come on, how dare you ask such a question !
We are animal-lovers, so we give both of them equal amounts of love and care. No favoritism !
But,whereas Canaille (8 years old) still happens to be nutty (mad circuits round the garden), Ulysse strives to prove " the older the wiser" is a true saying. He is also the living proof that dogs are man's best friends
And yet, some years ago he could have thought that men were not dogs' best friends !
In those days my mother-in-law was still alive , and she used to ride around with Ulysse everywhere. As soon as she opened the car rear door, Ulysse would jump in. He enjoyed lying on the parcel-shelf !
Unfortunately, one day his leash got caught in the door, but my mother-in-law didn't notice it. She started the car and off she went !
After a while,wondering why car drivers were flashing their headlights to her, she parked on the side of the road, got out and found poor Ulysse panting and his paws covered in blood !!
The poor little guy had been dragged out behind the car and the skin of his paws were ripped off !!
The vet had him on antibiotics and pain medication. He told my mother-in-law to clean the wounds once a day and to make sure to keep the dressings dry.
That was another kettle of fish ...
It was the rainy season in Brittany(no smirk, please !), but Ulysse could not wait for sunny spells to do his business ! That meant changing the dressings four or five times a day. My mother-in-law was remorse-ridden, but despite the sweet treats she spoiled Ulysse with, he hardly let her touch his paws ! So, you can easily imagine how miserable " the nurse and the patient " felt after each outing !
When my mother-in-law told my husband about her trouble on the phone, he suggested her jokingly to try protecting the dressings with condoms !!
Actually, it seems they would meet all her requirements ( I'll skip the details, no need to draw a picture !).
Well, my mother-in-law took that suggestion seriously,but didn't dare to go to the chemist's ( no vending machines around at the time) :
An elderly lady buying condoms for .....her dog ! My foot !
The rumour would have spread like wildfire !!
Fortunately, her young cleaning lady agreed to do her that favour and bought  the " protections " !
And it worked !!
Ulysse kept them all day long, and could go out whenever necessary. They were taken off only once a day when the dressings had to be changed !
Three weeks later the brave little dog had recovered, and didnt even bear a grudge to his mum !!
So, don't forget : safety first !!