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dimanche 13 mars 2016





First of all let me tell you that writing this week's chapter was far from being as easy as pie. Indeed, it was just as if I was back to square one. My smoothly-running method to build a story ? Gone with the wind ! I was feeling adrift and anchorless, and even worse, I was battening down the hatches !
Don't get me wrong ! Nothing to do with the writer's block ! I was not running dry of ideas ! Quite the contrary ! But, once more, the snag was what to start with.
Then, two days ago, as the countdown was coming close to zero, I decided to pull myself together and take it easy ! Come what may !
So, first, let me thank you for playing the game and cramming my inmail box with your witty, funny, shy and sometimes weird answers. You've been absolutely fabulous ! Thanks a million !
OK, done ! You see, that's just the kind of beginning I wanted to avoid ! It seems a bit mawkish, but, after reading your comments, I desperately wanted to pay a tribute to our efforts and loyalty !
So, forgive the lack of style in my thank-you words.
After all, to be honest, I didn't want to go overtop, otherwise you might get too big for your boots !
Anyway, regarding your answers to the question in chapter 55 " A story that has some teeth ", I have noticed that among you there are backpackers who are real thrill seekers. The spooky places they told me about gave me goosebumps !
Fortunately, to my great relief, others confessed their fear of the dental or doctor surgery, whereas for one more outgoing reader, the scariest experience was going to a sports club for the first time ( you know, feeling awkward, as stiff as a poker, and bulging out of a brand-new gym outfit !).
Well, I guess whatever our fears are, we should strive to get over them.
But, between you and me, don't we enjoy playing with fire from time to time ? As far as I am concerned, I do ! Let me give you an example.
Some years ago, I used to live in a village in the middle of nowhere. My nextdoor neighbour was friendly, but as deaf as a post. I mean, I knew I couldn't rely on him if I shouted for help. Fortunatelty the case had never arisen.
One night, my husband was on a business trip and I was alone at home. As there was nothing much on telly (as usual), I decided to go to bed to read the thriller I had just bought. The bookseller had told me it was a fast pace, tightly written novel that would keep me reading long into the night.
He was quite right. Not only was the story riveting, but the unexpected plot twists kept me turning the pages !
Unfortunately, a glance at the alarm-clock warned me that, if I didn't want to wake up with puffy eyes ( I had a busy morning ahead of me), it was high time to switch off the light.
After rolling and tossing a while ( I was still in the thriller), sleep was about to come, when suddenly I heard a weird noise, and a kind of muffled conversation !!
I tiptoed downstairs and found the dog up in his basket, growling and shaking with fear ( at the time he was just a puppy, not a watch-dog yet ..). I could still hear the voices !
Sure, there were burglars in the living-room. I slowly crept across the hall to the kitchen to fetch something to defend myself. As I was about to open the knife drawer, I got knocked on the nape of the neck !!
My heart dropped to the pitch of my stomach, but the blow was not that strong and I didn't faint.
Yet, I was petrified and unable to turn back to face my attacker.
The conversation was still going on in the living-room,so it meant the man behind me had at least two accomplices !!
Well, if I was about to die, why not die bravely ?
I screwed up my courage and turned back slowly ...
In a split second, my 'serial killer' was lying on the floor ! I heaved a sigh of relief !!
Before going to bed I had swept the floor and forgot to put the broom away.When entering the kitchen, I had stepped on the brush, and it had made the stick tilt and knock my head !!

But yet, in the other room the intruders were still taking it easy ...

I grabbed a carving knife, burst into the living-room, switched on the light soul around ! Just a light on the radio !

Jeez ! When switching it off with the remote control, I had pressed the wrong function ! Instead of turning it off, I had turned it down !

Phew !! The thriller recommended by my bookseller had really set my imagination to a fever ! I should have chosen a fairy tale !
The sleeping Beauty, for example ...