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dimanche 24 avril 2016




Last Thursday morning the strong gusts of wind I could hear through the windows, in spite of the double-glazing, let me think some kind of stormy weather was on its way. So, it was safer to take the dog for a walk immediately.
I skipped breakfast and shower, slipped on a comfy outfit and headed off.
As I was walking along the seashore, I came across a friend of mine I had not seen for ages. She had been jogging and apologized for being in a sweat. I did not dare to apologize for my " just rolled out of bed " look ! Yet, I was feeling awfully ashamed because I knew I was far from looking my best !
Once back home, a glance in the mirror floored me : tousled hair, faded sweater, shapeless sweatpants and misshapen sneakers ! To top it all, a smear of the coffee, I had  swallowed down before leaving, had drawn a kind of thin moustache above my upper lip !!
No hope to advertise for "The Miracle Morning* " !
Anyway, that reminded me of a mishap which happened to my mother-in-law years ago.
In Summer she used to look after her younger grand-daughter (my niece), and indulged her as much as she could.
She would take her to the beach, build sandcastles with her, prepare crêpes whenever the little one wanted to, take her to the movies, the circus, and so on.
Summers went by quietly, till one year the chubby baby turned into a slim teen who wanted to go clubbing !
Suddenly my mother-in-law realized she couldn't turn the clock back, and preserve her baby cake in a glass case any longer !
She knew the nearby disco was a safe venue for teenagers to socialize, make new friends and have fun, and even though a bit reluctant, she decided to let her go.
Yet on one condition !
Strictly forbidden to be given a lift back home by anyone ! At 1.00am my mother-in-law or my niece's best friend's mother would be at the entrance of the club to pick them up.
From then things went on smoothly. The two ladies took turns driving the two dancers back home safe and sound.
Then, one night at a quarter to one my mother-in-law was dragged out of bed by a phone-call from the other 'chauffeur' who could not start her car.
In less than no time my mother-in-law threw a dressing-gown on her pyjamas, hopped into her car, and drove full speed to the disco ( 7kms away in the middle of the countryside !).
And what was to happen happened !
On a narrow winding road she was pulled over by two policemen who asked her for her driving licence, which, of course, she had forgotten to grab when rushing out of the house !
As one of the officers was taking out his book to fine her, she told him she did not care, and urged him to let her go !

" Where are you going ? ", the other policeman asked.
" To the disco ", she blurted out !
" Stop messing about, and get out of your car right now !", the officer ordered angrily.

Now, imagine the rest ...

A 80-year-old lady in dressing-gown and pyjamas on her way to the disco at nearly 1.00 am ...

The two officers exchanged glances as though reading each other's minds.
' Poor little granny ! She must not have all her faculties ! What a drag it is getting old **! '

My mother-in-law was awfully ashamed and in a tizzy ( the clock was ticking), but she managed to calm down and explained the whole matter.

The officers burst out laughing  and let her do her job.

That was a happy end , but anyway remember :

Whatever may happen, make sure you are ready for it !!

* The Miracle Morning -the 6 habits that will transform your life before
   8AM by Hal Elrod

** some will recognize the lyrics of a song by my favourite rock'n' roll band.

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