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lundi 4 juillet 2016


Hello all of you,
Captain Perky speaking :
Happy to see you gathered on the upper deck looking forward to another adventure. Relieved, too, because up to now nobody has been blogsick. And I must confess, that is thanks to Dearhubby, the man at the helm.
I mean , you know how easily I get gung-ho, so, around mid-March, when Perky Busy Bee ocean liner reached its cruising speed, I felt like speeding up a little and having two or three stopovers a week.
Fortunately, my favourite helmsman and the two main entertainers onboard, Canaille and Ulysse, slowed down my enthusiasm.
And they were quite right,cause, even now, when maping out our weekly excursions, I sometimes happen to feel overwhelmed as a child cut loose inside a toy store. Too many adventures to share with you, too many cheerful memories to help you see life through pink glasses, and then ......too many tears ready to roll in the event of too few eyeballs on the blog ( hey, come on, don't believe that, I'm joking ! You know I'm not a whiner, don't you ? ).
Anyway, Dearhubby warned me that, of course, too few stopovers can turn Perky Busy Bee ocean liner into a disabled ship adrift, but too many can make passengers sick ( overreading has the same side effects as overeating !). To convince me of his arguments, he reminded me that as the saying goes " Fair and softly goes far in a day ".
Quite wise, isn't it ?
So, as Captain Perky and her crew are dedicated to the comfort and care of all of you, till our second blogiversary, we will sail at a one-stopover-a-week cruising speed. I hope that pace will suit regular passengers as well as first-timers. Time will tell ...
Oh, sorry, I'm once more too talkative ! Words flow like milk over rice crispies and time is flying !
Well , I think it is too late to reach our port of call before sunset, so we'd better stay offshore and enjoy some carefree hours.
No casual talk, anyway, because we all know that sooner or later topical issues are likely to be tackled, and nobody wants to hear about disheartening, shocking or baffling news, do they ?
So, why not, for once, focus on being happy and in the moment ?
Who are the best at that ? Kids, of course !
Well, even if your childhood is over, it doesn't mean playtime is ! Let's anticipate the day as if it was your birthday, and you're turning six again, and let me  ask you today two " Who am I " riddles !
Just identify who or what is being described below and mail your answers on as soon as possible !
A reward for the first right answer !!
Riddle no 1 :
I'm a peaceful veggy. Unfortunately, I have a very poor eyesight and I have to rely on my sense of touch and smell to get food. I can pass across the edge of a razor or the blade of a knife, and not get hurt. When threatened, I  seal the entrance of my home and can stay inside several months without water and live on stored fat. I am celebrated on May 24th,so next year try to remember that date !
Riddle no 2 :
I can be any shape. I am a reliable assistant, cause I work round the clock, and I 'm getting smarter and smarter ! I have two hands, but one is shorter than the other ! Is that the reason why the new generation has no hands at all ? Maybe ...
Now, put on your thinking cap, rack your brain, ask your relatives and friends for help, cause the countdown has just started !
Ready, steady, go !
Have fun, and don't forget : be perky !