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dimanche 26 mars 2017




First of all, a few lines to thank you in the name of Canaille,my English Springer Spaniel, for all your feedback.
Last week's post in which I told you about his painful ' face-to-face ' with a deer has triggered not only friendly and sympathetic messages, but also wise advice from dog breeders and dog trainers.
I will test all your tips and tricks, but I guess my poor doggy will remember that misfortune for long.

Well, to look on the bright side, first, more fear than harm thanks to a caring and efficient vet and a lot of treats and cuddles.
Then, even better, now I am quite sure my dog has a very good memory. I mean, till that miserable experience, I thought he had some lapses from time to time, cause one hour after his meal, he often used to stare at his empty bowl and then at me with question mark-shaped eyes. As I can speak dog quite fluently, I knew he meant  something like " Time flies, doesn't it ? Already time for a snack ! " or " Isn't the clock late ? It seems I have been fasting for ages ! ". Sometimes he looked so pitiful and starving that I happened to wonder whether I had fed him or not. But, as the saying goes ' When in doubt forebear '. Wise choice, cause now I realize that that little devil was just testing my short-term memory, or, his power of persuasion and seduction : not a hard job, cause you know what dog-lovers are like, ...often a bit too tender-hearted, so ...

Anyway, as I told you last week, all's well that ends well, so no biggie ! No need to harp on Canaille and Mrs Deer's chance encounter any longer.

No, now Spring is on, and even if the temperatures are rising very shyly, and sneaky storms still threatening, it's high time to ditch Winter habits, and jump onto the outdoor activities bandwagon.
Pretty easy for me. First, because after quite a few downpours and sunny spells, the garden is longing for a good trim . The weeds and the brambles have had a field day over the last few weeks, and they will definitely remind my back that slumping onto the couch with a good book has nothing to do with muscle-toning workout.
Really ? OK, then my Spring motto will be : ' A healthy mind in  a healthy body '.
Pretty punchy and catchy, isnt it ? And all the easier to stick to, as my two dogs have granted me their confidence one more time, and I have signed a nine-month contract (Spring, Summer and Autumn) as  a dog walker. Weather permitting, that temp post is likely to turn into a permanent one !
That's the cushiest job I have ever had : easy, stress free and very well paid (wagging tails, cheerful barkings and boundings, and grateful eyes).

To walk them, I'm spoiled for choice, and whatever my route, they are always thrilled to bits.
No wonder, cause the wild country lanes, the wind-beaten coastal paths
the long stretches of white sand beaches are a huge breathtaking dogs' playground. Off season, of course, cause otherwise it is too crowded.
Fewer seagulls and more holiday makers and noise, well, all that is not their cup of tea, and mine, either. Fortunately, I know places far from the madding crowds where they can still frolic off leash then.

So, you see how lucky I am to be able to do an outdoor activity in such a gorgeous landscape !
But listen , that's not the only perk of the job.
Let me explain.

First, walking the dog in the wee hours of the morning is priceless.
Not only because unlike Canaille and Dearhubby, Ulysse and I are early risers, but also because everything is peaceful, and the sound of silence helps me to map out my day, and my blog, as well.
So, if you find some posts are a bit scrappy or far-fetched, just complain to my employer, I mean to Ulysse.
Come on, I'm joking . He is very easy-going and understanding, and as long as we walk for one solid hour, he lets you know that no complaint will be received !

At lunch time things are different. Ulysse and I are far from being on an empty stomach, and to avoid drifting off to Dreamland, we usually head for a brisk walk. No better way to shake off the sneaky calories ready to cling to our waistlines !
Ulysse has adopted that pace wholeheartedly since his last visit to the vet.
As the poor doggy was about to paw onto the scales, the naughty pet doctor said : " Now, sir, let's see how many treats and cookies you
weigh " !
Ulysse looked offended, and I lied low, cause I thought that perhaps the vet  could see the love handles hidden under my sweater !
So, since then, after meal, both of us go on our ' nature treadmill '.

And I have saved the best for last : the late afternoon stroll !
That's my favourite. You know why ?
Because it is the time when dog-owners are done with their daily schedule, and can relax and exchange small talks.
No need to tell you that I am a regular and active member of those open air meetings .
Everyday we tackle the same topics and we put the world to rights.Dogs race around our group, and when they start panting, we know it's time for a hopeful ' see you tomorrow '.
As time goes by, all those people have become kind of casual friends, but as surprising as it may seem, I don't know their names, and they don't know mine.
When I tell Dearhubby about them, I usually call them by the nicknames I've made up : Mrs Pet Rescuer, Mrs Only Organic, Mr Former Engineer, Mr and Mrs Always On the Move , and so on ...
So, guess what ! What was to happen happened !

Two days ago, Dearhubby and I were at the nursery garden when we came across one member of my ' outdoor community '.
That lady is a first-rate gardener and provides me with lots of tips and tricks to grow flowers and fruit-trees. Yet, I find she is a little heavy on chemicals.
I greeted her and said to Dearhubby :

      " This is Mrs Fertilizers, the lady I often tell you about ".

Dearhubby nudged me in the ribs, but too late !
Once a blunderer, always a blunderer !
Why not ' Mrs Pesticides " while I was at it !!

Anyway, I tried to put things right and said :

      " Sorry, but you know we've been pacing up and down for over a
         quarter looking for the fertilizers, that's why ... ".

      " Don't worry ", she replied, " I know the place by heart. I'll show
         you the department and advise you on what to buy ".

That's how I came back home with a large pack of fertlizers I'll never use, cause perky busy bees don't like chemicals.
Perhaps my nickname is "Save the Bees ' ? Who knows ?

That's all for this week, folks.

Enjoy your reading , have nice walks, and don't forget : BE PERKY !



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