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dimanche 14 mai 2017



Hi my Perky Busy Bee adventurers,

Feeling good and ready for another adventure ?
Great ! Here we go, then !

I live in Brittany and it is not true, it doesn't always rain in Brittany ! This year, Spring is absolutely gorgeous here.The weather has been set fair for weeks and I am already suntanned.Clear blue sky and mild temperatures make me perkier and busier than ever.

Staying cooped up ? No way !
Early in the morning, sturdy overalls and rubber boots on, I'm ready to follow " the call of the wild ".
I'm rushing off my feet in the garden.
Raking the lawn to get rid of stray leaves and twigs, pulling out  pesky weeds, planting flowers, and whatnot,  turn me into a listless bee once back indoors.
No need to tell you that I usually have an ' early curfew ', and sleep like a log , lulled by a comforting sense of accomplishment.

So, why is there a little niggle at the back of my mind, then ?

Guess what ? I am  so tuckered out after gardening that over the last few days it has been getting harder and harder to come up with fresh ideas to write out.
A couple of days ago, while walking  with my four-pawed buddy, it dawned on me that I couldn't flesh out any thrilling plot. My mind was just like a leaky bucket .If only I could get someone to give me an idea, I could just run with it !
After faffing about and racking my empty brain for a while, I scrolled through my inbox in search of some exciting news that would trigger my scribbling.
Lucky me ! A Perky Busy Bee Adventurer had just sent me a mail to ask a question, a wee bit nosy (come on, I'm kidding !) but coming in handy and worth sharing with you in this week blog post.

So, here it is :

  Dear Perky,

  I've been on the Perky Busy Bee bandwagon for nearly 2 years now.
  When life is too hectic, I sometimes fall off and miss one post, but
  most of the time I usually manage to squeeze some time to read your
  blog.So, as a loyal follower, I guess I can ask you a question.
  Summer is coming in my place, and I'll have to make friends with my
  swimsuit again which means melt away several pounds of stubborn
  body fat.
  As you said in a post " up my sweet cravings is far from being
  a walk in the park and I often sink into sugary ruts ".
  So, here is my question :
  What happened to the chocolate Easter rabbit of the post " The sky is
  the limit " ?
  Have you managed not to slack off and eat it up ?
  If I were you, I would have at least nibbled one of its ears : bunnies
  have long ones, nobody would have noticed !
  You see what a hopeless case I am ! Some help from a sugar and
  cream former slave would be welcome, cause for me if ' the sky is the
  limit ' , my sky is very low ! And, anyway, ' failure to assist a person
  in danger is a crime punished by law ' (lol) .

                                                  Roberta (Italy)

I guess now you are exppecting my answer, aren't you ?
Well, well, I must confess I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable about it, or to be really honest, awfully ashamed...

I didn't wolf down the chocolate rabbit, I gave it to a little girl I know, instead, but ...

Last Saturday, after reading Roberta's mail, I decided to write a full answer with lots of tips and tricks to eschew junk foods, sugar-soaked desserts and all that jazz.
After all, I had defeated my sweet and creamy cravings, so why not share my experience ?

Then, why on earth did I decide to play the wanabee dietician and add some easy and healthy recipes to my mail ? My gung-ho side, I guess !
Anyway, whatever it is, that's how things went out of control.

I started browsing through the Net,and go figure out how I came across the site of  'International No Diet day ' !
It is celebrated on May 6th ( Last Saturday was May 6th !) and it is a day to let yourself loose from the shackles of your diet  and accept your body such as it is.
Jeez, how come I had never heard of that day ??

To make up for lost time, I immediately booked a table for two in my favourite restaurant nearby.


A great view on the ocean

stuffed spider crab beyond compare, a lobster in a wonderful creamy sauce ( no way to bribe the chef to get his secret !)

and a crispy strawberry and cream dessert : a treat to die for and ...guess what ?

Dying of shame the day after when it came to reply to your mail, dear Roberta !

So , sorry for not giving you any help for a cream and sugar-free diet. I'm not hiding my light under a bushel, but just putting my so-called advice on a back burner !

That's all for this week, folks.

And don't forget : breaking diet from time to time keeps you PERKY !

BTW : Perhaps I could use the cone of shame the vet gave to Canaille ,to stick to my diet ... ( dog-owners know that cone !)

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