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vendredi 26 mai 2017



Hey there everyone,

On a tight schedule this week and not much time to dawdle away ?

Well, no shilly-shallying, then !
I'll get down to brass tacks right now.

I've got  three things for you today :

Some tips to go through a trial period successfully.
Some little things you may not know about dogs.
A quick request.

Nothing to do with you ?
Come on, don't flip pages on the web as quickly as you zap TV channels, please !
It won't be long, and I'm quite sure it'll change your mind off things.

So, put on your red-coloured glasses, and get ready for another adventure of Dany the Perky Busy Bee.

Ready, steady, go !

First a few lines to add colour to this week's story and nourish my French readers with some idioms.

You know what ? I'm tickled pink, cause Canaille, my English Springer Spaniel, has proved not be yellow-bellied, and has gone through his trial period with flying colours !
Hey you, dog owners, don't feel green with envy.
Nothing to do with a trial period to become a police dog or a search and rescue one.
Canaille is good at sniffing out, but only cookies and treats, and searching and rescueing missing squeaky toys.
As a military dog ?
Well, even if he often improves " troop morale ", he is nowhere close to toeing the line ...So, forget about it !

Can't guess ? Well, take a deep breath, cause what I'll tell you right now, will blow your socks off !

In France, Summer is coming round the corner, and , a while ago I thought I might be lazier then.
Basking in the sun, lying in a hammock with a page turner (if I manage not to flip outside as soon as I sit down in it !), watching the birds feasting on my cherries I'll never taste, or chatting with my faraway friends back to their roots for the season,...well, all those small pleasures won't leave me much time to blog.

Taking a break ? No way, cause you're such regular and kindly readers that I would be ashamed to leave you unsatisfied and doomed to make do with outdated content.

So, what I needed was someone who would take over if, on sunny days, I slacked off a little.
A sort of ghost writer ?
Come on, who do you think I am ? A hoity-poity girl ? I hope not !
No, what I wanted was just a wanabee blogger like me.

Coaxing Dearhubby into helping me was just wishful thinking.He is already involved in discussion groups, so being an extra in some of my adventures is the only favour I can expect from him.

I was still looking for that special someone and about to give up, when, lo and behold,he came out of the blue !

I was so charmed by his look, even though a bit suspicious about his scribbling skill, that I gave him a chance !

Start guessing or ready to give in ?

Well, I know you don't have much time to spare, so let me introduce the guy who will entertain you from time to time next Summer, while I am having a whale of time with my childhood friends.
Take a deep breath, cause you'll be gobsmacked !

Ready ?

..... and the winner is CLOONEY ! 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that smart and handsome guy did a bang-up job and satisfied all the seemingly trivial things any employer usually demands from a future employee, I mean :

  Well, over the last few months, you have had one post a week, so he
  has always been punctual. And let me tell you that it's his strong
  His time is GMT+2. Mind you, not Greenwich Mean time, but Good Meal
  When the clock strikes 5, he is already smacking his lips. He is always
  a bit peckish.


  His beard suits him, but in my opinion, he needs a haircut. Anyway,
  all throughout his trial period, he has acted very professionally, never
  forgetting to end the post by the traditional  " Don't forget : be
  perky !



  No problem. He has already suggested many blog topics , even though
  I guess he plans to shoot me down in some...


  Well, he is a wee gushing sometimes, but so upbeat !


  Of course, as soon as we met, it was kind of " love at first sight ".
  No surprise , cause the guy is really smart and handsome. I
  dare say we have built a strong and tight bond for ever.


  Fortunately, no team spirit requested to be a substitute blogger,
  cause , as you can imagine, Clooney wants to top the bill, and he is
  rumoured not to get on that well with supporting role actors. Well,
  at least, that's what I heard through the grapevines ...

So, now you know all the reasons why I decided to hire Clooney to give me a hand all throughout Summer time.

Oh, by the way, before getting down to my quick request, did I tell you that " Clooney " stands for Canaille* is Looney ".
Nothing nasty about that nickname ! That's how we used to call him when he was a puppy, cause he used to go off and start running full speed around the garden for 10 solid minutes, then stopped dead, rushed back home, stared at us as if we were aliens, then sprawled out in his basket and " good night, sleep tight " !
We called that " the ten looney minutes ".
Canaille has grown up, calmed down, and now with his new job, he is expecting his fifteen minutes of shame !

Now my quick request .

   Among this month posts, which one did you prefer ?

   . A teacher's private confessions.
   . Incorrigible diet breaker.
   . My dog's blog.

Your answers are expected on :


In the meantime, don't forget : be perky !

* Canaille is my English Springer Spaniel (photos of him in the previous post)


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