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vendredi 9 juin 2017



Hello all of you,

This week a few funny tips and tricks to keep upbeat and look on the bright side. I think these days we really need to...

In Brittany, Summer season kick-off is just around the corner, and everybody's enjoying the thrill of the countdown.


Sailing boats are ready to cast off, trendy T-shirts, shorts and sandals are popping up in all the shop-windows, and the iconic double-scoop cone has already launched its advertising campaign for new mouth-watering flavors ! Will Perky Busy Bee give in to those frozen temptations ? You will know more in an upcoming episode  !


I really love that period of the year !
Balmy mornings in my garden heady with fragrance, and early walks in the gentle seabreeze are the best pick-me-ups I have ever tasted.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not that sappy, I don't live in La La Land !
I know lots of you live in big cities and your everyday life often means exhaust fumes of cars, deafening noise of horns, hammer-drillers, let alone people shouting in their cells.


I know what I'm talking about. I lived in Paris for years and I had time to experience all those scourges. 
But I also remember that bunches of flowers brought back from the market, strolls in the empty streets of the capital in the wee hours of the morning,  casual  talks with strangers at the bus-stop,and espresso sipped at a sunny sidewalk café used to make my day !


So you see, wherever you live, just a positive mindset can help you keep on the sunny side.
Do I sound a bit like a smarty pant ? Sorry, that's my gung-ho side !

Hey, grumpy you ! I can hear you grumbling about the same old, same old ,and the unavoidable household chores !
Quite true, no off-season for those deadly boring grinds , but relax, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for you !

Housework :

Just a question of secrets and lies*. You know where dust bunnies 
hide ? 
Well, keep that close to the vest and pretend you haven't found their dens yet !
Better ignore them and not blur the blue Summer sky with clouds of dust.

Household shopping :

Whatever the season, it's my pet hate, but you can't live on love alone.
Fortunately, when Summer comes, things get different.
When it's scorching hot outside, cooling up in the air-conditioned aisles of the nearby supermarket helps me " make a fresh start " and enjoy the rest of the day.
Even better, I have just read on the net that being minimalist is all the rage among hype people.
Lucky me ! I 'm far from being hype, but I can have a go and shop with a minimal list ( naughty  pun, but I couldn't help).
Just buy what I need and nothing else.
Spare time and money, and get more fun to share with you, my dear Perky Busy Bee adventurers.

Cooking :

Again, an opportunity to cheer up and celebrate Summer.
After sweating on how to get the knack to make the perfect stew or the best-ever meat and mushroom pie ( most of the time, in vain), I can now slack off and stop  thriving to win a chef's hat. I hardly deserve a cap !
No more worries and shame. Juicy tomatoes, tasty cucumbers, bright colored raddishes and spicy chilis  are expecting my visit at the local producer's .All of them are eager to turn the poor cook I am into the 
Queen of the Veggies !
Quite impossible to ruin a vegetable salad !
(As long as I don't confuse "dress " and " drown "...You know how scatterbrained I am, so one dollop too many and ...).

Housework, shopping, cleaning, then, what's left to be done ?

Nothing but  get some fresh air and do some exercise.

Fresh air :

No problem. In Brittany, whatever the weather is , there is always either a gentle seabreeze, or strong gusts of wind.
Perfect ! No need to waste hours in front of the mirror, trying to style my untameable hair . Once outside, within a wink even the most  
easy-going " hair gets tousled !
And yet, hairdressers here keep working and defying the wind. You see how bold Breton people are (and stubborn, as well) !

Exercise :

When Summer comes, I usually ditch my indoor workout and I must confess I 'm thrilled to bits to do so.
Bye bye my stationary bike and the strong pedal strokes which still leave my calves and thighs begging for mercy.
Bye bye my jump rope, my little niece will be happy to get it and I'll be happy to teach her a skipping song.
Time also to bid farewell to push-ups ! Phew !! At last !
I have read somewhere that " if you are doing them right, your chin should be the first part of your head to touch the floor, not your nose. "
Well, I must be a basket case, cause for me  " touch " is a humongous understatement ".
Once I scratched my chin and had to wear a sticking plaster for a couple of days and pretend I had fallen. And my last attempt turned my nose pink , perfectly matching my rose-colored glasses, but a bit painful when blowing it.


Staying cooped up ? No way !
Early in the morning, sturdy overalls and rubber boots on, I'm ready to follow " the call of the wild ".

I'm rushing off my feet in the garden.

Raking the lawn to get rid of stray leaves and twigs, pulling out  pesky weeds,  and climbing up and down the ladder to pick up the fruit  left by the birds we have fed all winter long,are my  best outdoor workout. 

Yes, on sunny days , I live by the motto : ' Enjoy outdoor life from dawn to sunset and don't care about the rest ! '.

Nice, isn't it ? Yes, but not totally true ...

Every year , the last week of May and the first week of June I stay indoors : that's my sportiest fornight of the year ! 
Highly intensive training ? No, not really, but intensive TV watching !
Yes, I'm a die-hard fan of Roland Garros tournament, even though I have never been able to use a racket properly.
All the energetic vibes flying over the court make me tingle, and I really have a ball !

The day after the final, I feel tuckered out ! No kidding ! Really washed out, but quite happy to have seen in every match the  living proof that where there is a will there is a way , and how much mental is a deciding factor in that sport and in everyday life, as well !

Just for fun : a friend of mine phoned me some days ago, at a critical moment of one quarter final game. Of course, as I had left my phone upstairs, I leaped up the stairs and when I answered, I was out of breath. When she told me I sounded breathless, I explained that I was midway through a tennis match. 
She immediately apologized, said she was sure I would win , and then hung up !
Well, of course I called her back the day after to make things clear, and we had a good laugh ! Anway,  she said that if some day I decided to go in for tennis, she would be my first supporter ! A friend in need is a friend indeed !

 Now that  you know my tips and tricks to look on the bright side, please give me your on

Start each day  with gusto and don't forget : BE PERKY !

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