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vendredi 28 juillet 2017


Hi everybody,

If you are new to my blog, you may be a wee bit baffled by the lines to come. So, not to be all at sea, just get a sneak peek of what I posted between early June 2016 and mid-August 2016, and then things will clear up. 
You will immediately realize that laughter is the mainstay of the Adventures of Dany the Perky Busy Bee.

So please, don't bounce away, just linger a little bit more on my page, and let's see if I can make you crack a smile.

The early birds among you must remember that last Summer (2016) I welcomed you on board " Perky Busy Bee ocean liner " and that we rode the wave of fun and humour all throughout the season.

When holiday season came to an end and that our liner headed for a fully-deserved wintering, I knew that I could still count on my crew (Dearhubby and my two dogs) to stand by me and share Summer 2017 adventures with you !

I was not wrong ! To let me chill out and enjoy the warm season, late May, Canaille, my English Springer Spaniel, came up with an idea : as long as Summer was on, he would be my ghost-writer and blog for me.

Totally wacky, but why not ? After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained ...

Well, I must admit that after a pawesome post ("Dog's blog ") and a successful " trial period "(see the post), I gave him the green light to fill my shoes.

Quite true that sometimes I feel a pang of jealousy when I see how much traffic he drives and how many mail he receives, but I don't want to be a spoilsport, so let me give way to Canaille, my favourite blogging dog.


                           (Sorry, no time to wipe my paws before blogging)

Hi everydoggy,

Perky is quite a character !!
She wants to enjoy Summer outdoor thrills, but she can't help sticking her oar in .
She was supposed to write just a little foreword, period !
I was on pins and needles, cause I didn't know how to stop her binge writing !
Fortunately, the postman rang at the door, so she went to take the mail, and when she came back ..." Leave your place and you will lose it ! ".

From now on I'll let her have only a fleeting visit to the blog, otherwise I will never have enough time to tell you all about my dog's life at Perky and Dearhubby's.

You remember last week I told you that I was enjoying a life of ease in a kind of Land of Milk and Honey

and that everything would be for the best in the best of all possible worlds, if ...

Poor me ! Go figure why a single 'if' and a few 'dots' have caused such an uproar !
In your emails you told me that I was a spoiled dog, demanding, bossy and ungrateful, and that I should visit an animal shelter to realize how lucky I was !

Come on, don't let me be misunderstood ! I didn't mean to hurt you or any furry babies looking for a family to adopt them.

My ' if ' had nothing to do with the cliché  " The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence " ! Not at all !!
I just wanted to tell you that life would be a barrel of laughs at Perky and Dearhubby's  if Perky could sometimes get out of my hair. Literally, of course !! Let me explain.

You know that girl should have been a hairdresser. A vocation nipped in the bud ! 

Every other day she opens the Threats Drawer ( the Treats Drawer's feunding brother), takes out a pin brush, and starts bugging me.

I love my hairstyle, it gives me a certain something, so why on earth does she want to change it ??
To remove loose hair ? How offending ! Does she mean I'm getting 
bald ? 
OK , I'm pushing 10, but that's no excuse !
One more whim I give in to, cause otherwise, first a stern " Be quiet " would be  a strong reminder of who rules the roost, then, more important than anything, the closing of the combing session triggers the opening of the Treats Drawer.
So, all things come to him who waits !

Well, sometimes I wait for a second helping, in vain !
That's another little thing that niggles me !
Can Perky count only up to 3,or is she mean ?
Anyway, the fact is that I never get more than 3 treats at a time !! Lucious, haunting but so tiny that they turn into Stardust memories within a gulp ! 
And always the same old tune : " It's over, boy, You won't have any more of them, no need to make those begging eyes ! It's for your own good ! ".
What a pity I can't speak, cause I would use the same argument when she takes a second helping of prune custard flan or a huge scoop of ice cream ( her favourite desserts, but mine, too !).


Perky is awfully selfish and never shares with me !! For my own good, too ?? 
My foot ! Perky is greedy, that's all !
Perky the Busy Bee ? Perky the Greedy Bee would suit her better !

Last but not least, hear me out, guys !
I think I am spied on ...
Don't get me wrong. No Intelligence Service here ! 
Just a girl suffering from spy mania since the cute puppy I was pawed into her place.
Perky, her name is Perky Busy Bee !
Wherever I hide to scratch genlty, she finds me out and immediately carries out a body search on me !

                               Even Suggardaddy is fond of flea hunting

Her rallying cry for that " scavenger hunt " : fleas !
And then I know that within the next few days I will have to swallow down an awful pill wrapped in a slice of dry sausage , cause Perky is so cheeky that she sometimes even tries to fool me !! But fortunately, hadly ever, so that's why between that girl and me, it's a real love story .

I do hope things are clear now and that you are ready to keep  reading  my adventures with Perky and Sugardaddy .

Next week more thrill and "pawesitive " vibes ...In the meantime, don't forget :

                                         BE PERKY !

Any question ? send me a mail on

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