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vendredi 11 août 2017


Hello everybody,

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Canaille, I am an English Springer Spaniel, a sweet, cheerful and lively breed.

Here in France, Summer is in full swing, and to make the most of it, Perky, this blog's owner and my Mum, as well, has asked me to do the job and blog for her.

Last week I told you how my poor Perky fell off the wagon and let her sweet cravings (but not mine) rule the roost.
It's no big deal, cause she is used to, but better keep it under your hat !
Anyway, after appearing before pitiless weighing scales, to make amends she screwed up her courage and joined a gym.

                                                (hey, nosy you !)   

Lousy idea, isn't it ? To be honest, I was not really keen on it. First, because Perky is as stiff as a poker, and can't even bite her toes, which for me is a cakewalk !
Then, far more important, I guess she's fallen for a scam. Yes, guys, a scam !
Listen, the gym she goes to is not dog-frienly ! Don't you smell a rat ? I still can't believe my floppy ears !
But, you know, sometimes Perky is short-sighted, gung-ho, and ...I love her to bits !

Anyway, I do think that if you've got a dog, especially a jolly fellow like me, exercising is just a pushover.
So, I would appreciate if you could drop a mail in Perky's inbox* to praise all the benefits of working out with me instead of sweating out with other health nuts on fancy machines !
Here are a few hints to pepper your mails with, cause Perky can be pig-headed and then convincing her is a long shot ...

As reliable and enthusiastic trainers, four-pawed buddies are second to none. 
No kidding ! Why pour money down the drain when your furry babies are ready to help you get in shape ?
So, forget ritzy gyms and costly sport outfit, and team with you dog ! 
Don' t have any ' fitness ' dog at home ? 
Oh, I'm pawfully sorry for you, but, never mind, quite sure you can volunteer at the local rescue to take adoptable doggies for much needed walks and runs . I bet it'll be a 'pawsitive ' experience !

Another snappy argument in your " sales pitch " ?
Balls, frisbees and treats are way cheaper than any gym membership, and playing " fetch " will tone your arms and shoulders, and relieve your painful joints within a few sessions.
Yep, guys, that game is the best muscle-sculptor you'll ever experience, and the best opportunity to enjoy ' yappy ' hours with your dog.

Last but not least,when it comes to pampering your lower half, I mean your legs, bums and tums, who else can help you better than your dog ?
Nobody !! We are devoted friends , and always show willing if it is for your own good ( and ours, as well).
Personally, I'm on the chubby side, or I should say that 's what the vet keeps harping on, so I'm always thrilled to bits to take a walk.
I don't want to toot my own horn, cause I know Perky may lecture me one more time, but, honestly, I'm a Jolly Walker !
Whatever the hour, the weather and the pace, I'm up for it.

Walk, walk fit, walk firm, walk off weight, that's my mantra !
A bonus ?
Grassy, sandy and stony paths, and fresh air are much more exhilarating than a crazy treadmill and a smelly gym !

Last, if it is not too much trouble, could you tell Perky that after working out, to recover quickly she doesn't need to attend the yoga class.
First, because I'm waiting for her and time drags when she is away, and then,if she really needs to unplug after tremendous efforts, she can pat me as much as she wants to. When it comes to stroking, I'm pretty easy-going !
That's the best way to relieve  her aching muscles and clear her mind !
Don't believe me ?? Have a look at that article !

So now, guys, you're on your own ! Swamp Perky's inbox with persuasive mails. It's not too late ! She can still cancel her subscription and instead of working out with an uber demanding dog, work out with her uber caring dog !
I do count on you !!

Enjoy, share and don't forget : BE PERKY !

BTW : In last week post I had asked you a riddle. Up to now, you have sent lots of funny, witty,wacky and weird answers, but nobody has found the real reason why Perky came back from her first gym session ashamed and low-spirited ! 
One week left before I reveal the truth, so take a chance !

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