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dimanche 18 septembre 2016




I guess I may sound rather sexist if I tell you that this week's chapter ,or at least a part of it, is mainly for girls.
Come on, no general outcry !
I don't want to tackle any touchy topical issue ! Far from me !!

Yet,I think that when it comes to hairdo,haircare and all thatjazz, girls are really much more talkative than boys. Even though the latter pay more and more attention to their haircut styles, girls are really unbeatable on hair matters : we can talk for hours about that ' highly important issue ' !

Yes,we all have experienced that 'hair-raising ' moment when you get out of the hairdresser's salon, and you just feel like being an ostrich (to bury your head into the sand) or an English judge (sure,even with a curly white wig you would look smarter!).
So,to sum up, a hairdresser appointment is, in most cases, either a bad memory or a stress-trigger !

But, hang on a sec ! A hair appointment means you have found the right hairstylist : hats off, then !
You're still on a nerve-racking and seemingly endless quest for a kind of magician who, with a magic wand, would keep changing your hairdo till you get what suits your faceshape and your mood, as well ?
That's another kettle of fish, and I can just wish you good luck !

By the way, keep me posted, cause I am on the same boat with you !
I spent years wandering from simple and a bit old-fashioned salons to showy and uber-trendy ones. In vain !!
Wherever I went, the cutters, talented or not, couldn't help letting out some disparaging remarks about my thin straight hair !

" Jeez, how thin it is ! Looks like baby's hair !".
" Does it ? Well, it makes me look younger,then ? ", I usually replied,
"does it imply I'll get the special fare for kids ? ".
They never answered !!

Well, as you must have already noticed, I'm a die-hard optimist, and I always try to look on the bright side.

So, tired of the hairdressers' honey-tongued smooth talk, some time ago I decided to face the fact : no matter how straight and thin my hair was, I had to make do with it !

Let me tell you that keeping "a sparrow's nest " , I mean my hair, in good condition is no picnic !
Fluffing your hair and putting down rebellous tufts demand time and patience of a saint !
And to crown it all, there is the cherry choice of the right shampoo !
A mammoth task, cause when you walk down the shampoo aisle of supermarkets, all the brands boast that they can give you the perfect bouncy and shiny hair you dream of !!

Anyway, two weeks ago, I thought I was done with that point.
The product was clear and mild (neither too thick nor too creamy), it did not weigh my hair down, quite the contrary ! It added volume to my scalp !
Yippee !! At last I could wash my hair and do it successfully !
It was no longer one of my main concerns !

No, last week my number one concern was to chase away bees ,wasps and bumblebees flying around me !
One window open and they would rush to me. Walking the dog along the country lanes and they would escort me !
I was getting fed up with their permanent buzz, and I must confess, a bit afraid, too !
A tiny mosquito bite turns into a huge blister on me, so what about a bee sting ?
Dearhubby was making fun of me and kept saying that it was one side effect of my sugar-free challenge (see chapter 82) ! I had so much sugar to sweat out that I attracted all the honey-gathering insects !!

I didn't bother his jokes till one day the word " honey-gathering " struck me like lightning ...

I had done without sugar for quite a few days, but I was still sweetening my tea with a spoonful of heather honey !
No, come on, that could not be that, of course !!

Honey, honey,...I had seen that word somewhere else at home, but where ?
I strived to find it out, and a few minutes later I rushed to the bathroom, grasped the bottle of shampoo and a magnifying glass
(small prints deserve their name, they are smaller and smaller, on purpose , I guess...) and then bingo !

" Nutrient rich organic honey and beer " were the flagship ingredients of my insects' favourite shampoo !

The day after I washed my hair with another brand and I had a bee-free day, but no volume !!

To comfort me, Dearhubby said :

" Honey, you can't have it both ways ".

I did not even turn a hair and just thought it was a bad hair day !!

That's all for this week, folks !

Have a nice week , and don't forget : be perky !

Dany the Perky