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dimanche 9 octobre 2016




Last week I received a mail from one of my early days' readers telling me that it had been long since I last asked you about your opinion,your experience or your feelings.
Even though I was cut to the quick, I must admit,dear Wally S., that you are absolutely right !

I had to scrowl down to chapter 87 "A bucket list ? A hot potato issue ", to find out the last question I asked you.
It was about your bucket list, you remember, the list of things you want to do before you die, or just to challenge yourself.
You laughed a lot at what topped my own bucket list, but you also really amazed me ! Your goals, your dreams, and what some of you call " the adrenaline rush" that comes from scratching them off from your bucket list, all that was for me a kind of energy booster !
So, why deprive myself of such a benefit ?
I guess an oversight due to my sidetracked side !

So, let me make up for lost time and ask you this week's question.

Don't sweat it out ! You won't have to ponder a lot ! This blog is to have fun and change your minds off things, so no convoluted question !
Just a kind of trivia quiz ...

To play, you just need a stopwatcher or any kind of timer.
Now set it for two minutes : that's the time allocated to answer what follows :

Can you name 10 streets in your district ? (except yours, of course !).

When the countdown is over, rate your knowledge of the place where you live.

1-4 names : either you rely too much on Street View or any GPS navigation apps to find your way or help strangers lost in your district, or you don't walk enough around.

5-8 names : either you've got a good memory or a good sense of observation. Anyway, watch your step, cause street plates are usually high and pavements not always that smooth !

9-10 names : Congrats ! You know your district like the back of your hand.  A vacancy at the nearby Tourism Information Office ? Don't hesitate ! Apply for it ! Otherwise, why not offer your services to replace faulty GPS ?

Hey, nosy you ! I guess you want to know about my own results !

Er...rather poor, unfortunately !
How come ?

Well, first because countdowns, whatever the game and its aim, are kind of stress-triggers for me !
No kidding !
I mean, I usually waste nearly one minute to calm down my internal commotion and get to the question ! Then, two minutes elapse rather quickly, don't they ?
That's one thing. For the rest, let me explain my lousy results !

When we were living in Paris, we didn't have a car, and we used to walk a lot. At weekends we enjoyed criss-crossing the city and exploring
off-the-beaten tracks areas.
After a few years, whatever the district we were in, we could nearly always help people and show them the way, even the shortcuts sometimes !
At the time, if I had been asked to name 10 streets in my district, it would have been as easy as pie !

But, when we settled down here, things got different.
It is the place where I used to spend my childhood and teens holidays at my grand-parents' ,so I know the place quite well.
But in those days, some streets had names, others didn't. Or, if they had, nobody cared !
People just knew how to get from one place to another, and street names were the least of their worries.
And, I realized last week that they have always been mine, as well !

I was walking the dog in the surroundings, when I caught sight of a neighbour of mine leaning against a high stone wall.
He is in his eighties, but still a jolly  walker (nothing to do with Johny Walker !).
When I asked him if everything was ok, he answered that, as the road is rather steep, he prefered to stop mid-way, get his breath back and enjoy the landscape.
We were chatting casually about the gorgeous weather in Brittany, the quietness of the place after July and August hustle and bustle, when a car stopped near us.
The driver asked us if we knew the area ( of course, we did !), and if we could tell him where G.V. street was.
He had not updated his GPS and had been driving around for nearly half-an-hour, in vain !!
He knew the street was not far, but where exactly ...

After racking our brains for a while, my neighbour and I had to admit we were not a great help. What a shame !! Born there, and unable to show the way to someone in need !!

The man thanked us anyway, and left.

As my jolly walker was fit again, we decided to walk the rest of the way together and continue our conversation about the endless number of advantages of living in Brittany !

As soon as he stepped foreward, I immediately saw he had been leaning his back against a street plate.
Guess what  !!
It was G.V. street  !!!
When I pointed it out to him, he roared with laughter and so did I !!

So, now you know why I could not name 10 streets in my place.
Are my poor results forgiven ? I hope so !!

That's all for this week, folks !

Make the most of each day, and don't forget : be perky !

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