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dimanche 20 novembre 2016




Hello all of you,

First of all, thanks a lot for all your feedback. You're absolutely awesome ! When scrolling down my inmail box, I realize that, whatever the topic, you never hesitate to drop me a few lines ! Your comments are often spicy, your questions sometimes nosy (come on, I'm pulling your leg), but always blog-boosting !
You know what ?

I enjoy reading your mails so much that this week I can't help asking you another question !
As usual, nothing to do with current hot issues,politics, economics and all that jazz. One click is enough to get overwhelmed by information about all that stuff !
And you know the old saying " Stick to what you know ", so forget about any serious matter in this blog.

Then what ?

Sports ? Except walking and chatting (it isn't a sport ? Well, for the women in my family it is !), I am not good at any. Just have a look at
" Woman overboard " , and you'll see what a poor athlete I am !

Arts ? Same thing ! Too many bad memories ! When I was in primary school ( An artistic calling nipped in the bud),and when I took my high school diploma in literature,too. The essay question was
" What is art ? ". I guess I didn't write anything relevant or witty, cause I got a very poor mark ! So, no need to rub it in !

I'm just a perky busy bee, and I won't pretend to be a nerd. Then, no brainy question, just a very down-to-earth one !

Bid Farewell to your Dreams, your bucket lists, and your expectations, here it comes :

What is the home chore you hate the most, I mean, in the endless list of unrewarding housework to be done, what is your pet peeve ?

Don't shy away ! I know, choosing the worst from the worst is no picnic,so for fear you might be on the horns of a dilemna, here is a list to pick up from :

. Making your bed.
. Planning meals.
. Hoovering.
. Ironing.
. Taking the trash out.

Quite short but long enough to ring a bell, isn't it ?

I'm already looking forward to your answers, and I'm sure we'll share quite a few bad feelings towards brooms, mops,dusters  and all their relatives !

In the meantime, let me tell you what sort of " domestic goddess " I am. Don't laugh, please !

Taking the trash out : even if it is heavy or bulky, I don't mind, cause I usually put the bag into the car boot, and when going on a ride, we stop at the nearby container to throw it away. Lazy of me ? Remember, the roads are rather steep around my place ( " Trivia quiz "), and what's more, I'm a poor lonesome pedestrian (" Urban or urbane" ).
As I am sometimes sidetracked, instead of being given a lift to its destination, the bin bag happens to be shown round the area ( no matter, cause it is worth sightseeing !).

Ironing : I wouldn't say it is my cup of tea, but I find that activity quite ressourceful. First, because, as soon as I pop out the ironing board and let off the steam, I start mapping out a chapter of my adventures. One crease out, one line in ! A good way to keep up to date with crumpled linen and my blog,as well.
Ressourceful,too, cause ironing gives me the opportunity to exercise. Standing upright, tucking in my stomach, tightening my thighs and buttocks,wow, that's pretty good work-out !!

Hoovering : a pain in the neck, and a pain in the back, too ! But, two dogs at home means a lot of hairs and sneaky dustbunnies in every nook and cranny, so...
Oh, by the way, in " Urban or urbane ", I told you that the only things I can drive are stroller, shopping-carts and wheelbarrows. Well, I must add the vacuum-cleaner. At least one who knows I have the drive !

Planning meals : a real headache, but as I am often peckish, I need to know what ' today's special " is , otherwise I can wolf down anything lazing in the fridge. Even worse, if I skipped that chore, I guess I would binge on pasta everyday, and I don't want to turn " The Adventures of Dany the Perky Busy Bee " into a spaghetti western !

Making the bed : if it means , just tucking the sheets tightly round the corners of the mattress, and spreading the duvet evenly over the bed, no problem !
But when it comes to changing the duvet corner, that's another kettle of fish ! All the trickier as we have a super king size bed !
I've tried all the tips and tricks I could find on the web, and, boy, there are quite a few !!
Unfortunately, even after watching countless numbers of videos, I must face the facts : I don't have the know-how, and what's worse, I'm rather clumsy.

You remember how in " Changing looks ", I turned a nice pencil dress into an awful straightjacket. Well, not long ago, I got the same nightmarish experience while changing the quilt cover...

I thought that perhaps holding the duvet tight against me and slipping with it into the cover would ease the battle . No sooner said than done.

I laid the cover on the bed, grabbed the upper corners of the duvet, and started crawling inside.
A few minutes later I was stuck in the darkness, still clutching the precious corners, but unable to find my way out.
The more I twisted and turned, the more I got entangled into the fabric .

I wish I had been Steve Mc Queen in " The Great Escape " !

Unfortunately, no light at the end of the tunnel !

I strived to stand up, and just when I was about to succeed, Nosy Canaille pawed the door open, didn't recognize the ghost of his Mum, and jumped on me.

I was back to square one !!

Lying emprisonned in my fabric jail, and on the verge of death. Come on, I'm joking, but yet, about to surrender.

If I survived I would call for a blanket ban on duvets at home !

At last, Dearhubby, alerted by Canaille's barkings, turned up and got me out of the trouble, or, I should say, out of the duvet cover !

So, now you know why making my bed is my biggest pet peeve.

That's you turn to tell me what chore you hate the most.
But, whatever it is, don't forget : be perky !

Oh, by the way, the proverb 'As you make your bed, you must lie on it ' is not always true, otherwise I'd be doomed to awfully uncomfortable nights !

Perky Busy Bee, your under cover agent in the Far-West.