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dimanche 23 avril 2017



Hi everybody,


I don't want to brag, but I think that with my last week post I really hit the head on the nail and got quite a good rise out of everybody.
To my great relief, I could realize that list-makers are a dime a dozen, and even better, not about to give up that comforting scribbling.
Phew ! It feels good to know you are not the only one who needs those precious pieces of paper to keep on the straight and narrow.
As for my dream of speaking Spanish fluently, all your useful links, tips and tricks will definitely make it come true. But, whatever the online language learning platform I choose, I must keep in mind that ' slow and steady wins the race '.


Well, time has come to get down to brass tacks, or, to be in a simpler and perkier mood, to embark on another adventure.
As I have noticed that questions usually let your imagination run riot, maybe you're raring for more...

No, not really ? A wee bit fed up with being asked for feedback whatever you buy or wherever you go ?
Great then, cause, this week, no need to rack your brains to post a comment. No praise or criticism wanted !
Just put your feet up, scroll down gently, and see why , just like you, I feel bored, uncomfortable and even muddled up when it comes to writing an opinion post about this or that.

Don't get me wrong ! I won't be pesky and tell you about current opinion polls flooding the media and the social networks all over the world !
First, because I have never been questioned, and then, because I think most of you are getting sick and tired of them.
Enough is enough ! And anyway, rather hard to look on the bright side of those deadly boring surveys, isn't it ?
So, nothing to do with this blog !

No, actually, when I say, I feel awkward to write an opinion post, I mean, writing a review about a product or a service often makes me uneasy and wordless. Hard to believe , but unfortunately true.
So, let me give you two examples and you'll see what a silly goose I can be.

Some years ago, eager to strengthen my abs,or, to be honest, to build some, I bought a sit-up bench online. You know that kind of sneaky slant board which turns sitting up into a painful nightmare that your rolls of fat will remember for ever.
Well, well, as we say ' A new broom sweep clean '...
After two weeks' daily workout, I was sore all over, still as stiff as a poker, a bit less gung-ho, and to top it all, not even one of the six pack abs in view !
For a while I strove to my fitness mantra  "The more I exercise, the less my muscles will hurt in the weeks to come ". I even begged my abs , not on bended knees, cause too painful :


But, my enthusiasm melted like snow in the sun, and the weeks to come never came !
The bench was left aside, till, one month later, I received a mail to remind me that I had not yet left a review about my purchase.

What to do ? Delete the mail ? It wouldn't have been fair ! Pretend I was a hardcore trainer, and write down a pack of lies ? Not fair, either, and even worse, misleading for any wanabee athlete who would read my review ! Tell the truth and write that it was my dog's favourite hangout, and that having a nap on or under the bench was his guilty pleasure ? No way !!
So what ?
I must confess that, for once, I was stumped.
The day after, I put my pride aside (yes, with the bench !), and just wrote :

"Must be good value for money, but not for lazy slobs like me ! ".

That first step into the review-writing consumers community left me a bitter aftertaste, but, as time went by, I forgot those embarrassing lines left on the Net.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was gently asked to write a few lines about a kettle I had bought online.
Jeez ! A few lines !!
Once I had typed " It boils well  ", I got stuck.
What a poor and useless description !
A bigger font didn't make things better !
I erased those three meaningless words and rushed to the kitchen to gaze at my brand-new kettle.
It looked great on the countertop, but writing that I was excstatic over it would have been going too far.
Heck ! How could I know that, when I flicked the kettle switch, I would go through a thrilling experience !
Yet, before fixing my choice on that common kitchen appliance, I had browsed through countless reviews . None mentioned that when pouring water out of it, I would have a mad tea party.
After all, that was just a perky busy bee's kettle and there was no more to be said.


So, I just rated my purchase, cause knocking up a few lines would have been another kettle of fish !

That was my second and last experience as a " review-writer ".
Since then, I leave it to Dearhubby. He is a first rate " reviewer "...
Jeez !! I hope it  will never occurred to him to review this blog !!!

That's all for this week , folks .

Enjoy your reading, share it with all the fun-lovers you know and don't forget : BE PERKY !

For any questions , feel free to drop a mail on :





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