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samedi 17 mars 2018


Are dogs better than men?

Even if you are not a dogaholic, you know they are!
Loyal, caring, easy-going, cheerful, playful,and so on. Actually, any praiseful adjective suits them, whereas for men... well, that's another story.

Yet, when it comes to politeness, things are quite different.

Don't get me wrong, dogs have manners.

They never fail to greet their owners with open paws, sometimes a bit too loudly, but who would refuse to be cheered to the echo?

They always eat their meals, as if you were a culinary genius. Quite comforting for a hopeless cook like me.

Whatever your look, they always drool over you, as if you were the eighth wonder of the world. Let me tell you that when you come back from the hairdresser with a weird hairstyle, or from the shop ,bulging out of brand new trousers, their eyes filled with admiration really cheer you up!

Yet, there is a limit to their politeness, and that limit is called 'boredom'.
Yes, guys, when dogs get bored, they forget their good manners, and it doesn't take them long to overstep the mark.

Just when left alone? Not at all!
Even when they are with their owners, they can get fed up, too, and show it quite cheekily.

For example, being stuck in a conversation of which they can't catch a single woof is for most of them dull, and far too long.
What happens then?

Well, the most courteous dogs usually lie down, and take forty winks.
Unfortunately, those well-behaved dogs can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and I have never had the privilege of sharing my life with any of them.

Charly, the first shelter dog I adopted, was a real gentledog. He knew the Knights Code of Chivalry, and was honest, respectful and always ready to help (especially to unpack shopping bags or clean  the dishes).

But to be up to his moral values, he needed a beauty sleep, and stuck to the principle that one hour's sleep before midnight is worth two after.
So, to put an end to dinner parties too long to his taste, he used to sneak under the table, and fart near each of our guests, till they left, fearing a gas leak in the building!

Awfully vulgar and embarrassing, but maybe that's the kind of things  French shelter dogs do when they get bored.
I'm sure you've heard about French President Macron's shelter dog  who peed in the fireplace during a meeting which was perhaps too long and boring to his taste.

Well, here is the video.It's just fun!! I never get tired of watching it!

vendredi 9 mars 2018


Hello all of you,

Spring countdown has started and it's time to shake off Winter blues.

Soon the weather will be milder, the trees greener, and the birds chirpier.

So, everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds, at least as long as you don't suffer from allergies!
Unfortunately, I do!

Come on, don't click away! You are on a blog with a view on the bright side of things, so I won't wallow in self-pity, but just share my early Spring experience with you.
Then, maybe, you'll give me some tips and tricks to overcome my misfortune.

Every year it is the same old tune : as soon as the first rays of Spring sun try to shine through the windows, my vision gets blurred.
My eyes don't itch or cry, but it's just as if I was sitting in front of a foggy screen.

Then I know my seasonal allergy is on, and it's high time to stock up sponges, kitchen rolls and bananas.

Yes, guys, sponges, kitchen rolls, and bananas! 
That's the best prescription to cure my self-diagnosed allergy!

Come on, don't laugh! I haven't gone bonkers!
Of course, it is not medically-proven, but it works!
Let me walk you through it.

On the early days of Spring, to nip my WCA syndrom in the bud and get rid of my foggy vision, I just have to grab a sponge, a kitchen roll, and a few hours later, the fog clears up and the sunlight gets brighter.
Still here and there some hazy patches and a few streaks, but nothing compared to the dim light I was living in.

That's when bananas come into play...

What have bananas got to do with my WCA syndrom?

Oops, I have forgotten to tell you that, once I hold my sponge and kitchen roll tight, I need to make a lot of S-shaped movements.
Unfortunately, that kind of indoor workout has side effects on my shoulders, elbows and wrists. That's the only snag of my treatment.
Then, there is no better nutritious and healthy snack than a banana to avoid sore muscles after my exercising.

That's all! Sponge, kitchen roll and bananas, and I get rid of my WCA syndrom.

Oh, sorry, you don't know what WCA stands for?
World Clown Association?
Well, I'd like it, but actually WCA is less fun. 
It is short for Window Cleaning Allergy, a kind of seasonal disorder, which, after brewing on window and glass doors all throughout the dark days of Winter, suddenly flares up on the very first sunny day of Spring.

If you suffer from that damned allergy, also known as the squeegee allergy, I hope this week's tip will help you to beat it!
Give it a go!!

PS : don't spare elbow grease (if you've got any...)

vendredi 2 mars 2018


Should routines be strict or flexible?

Well, after what happened to me last Thursday, I really don't know.
Let me walk you through it.

My pen name is Dany the Perky Busy Bee, but actually Sidetracked Dany would have suited me better.

You see, I'm a die-hard fan of to-do lists, but the only snag is that by the end of the day , most of the time, I  realize that the journey through doing to done has taken the scenic road, messed up my schedule, and left no track of my early morning plans!

That's why, if I want to keep consistent in blogging, I really need to stick to a kind of routine.

So, every morning, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I go on automatic pilot.

A quick shower, a hearty breakfast (Greedy Dany is always on time), and then off for my daily air bath with Ulysse, my four-legged coach.
On our way, we never fail to pay a short visit to an old neighbour of mine, just to check everything is ok with her.
Then, once back home, I can start mapping out my next posts quietly.
A foolproof routine to avoid wearing out my jammies, sinking into my cup of tchaï tea and remembering " A Passage to India ", or simply getting lost in wishful thinking crammed with " I'm going to ".

But, last Thursday when I woke up, there was a thin layer of ice-patch in the garden alley, and as I am hopeless at figure skating, I decided to delay my morning walk by one our, time for the sun to turn up (when it comes to the weather, Breton people are always optimistic).

After all, Ulysse could frolic a little bit more than usual in the garden, a good way to warm up before our daily exercise.

So, there I was, sitting at my desk, jotting down some ideas for my blog, when I received a phone-call from my old neighbour.
She sounded fit, but urged me in a muffled voice to come to her place, cause she had let somebody in, and now the guy didn't want to get out, and she didn't know what to do!

OMG, how many times had I warned her not to open her door to a stranger?
If only she had listened to me!
Too late!  If if and buts were candy and nuts, wouldn't it be a merry Christmas?

I slipped into my coat and ran to my neighbour's.

Ten minutes later I broke into her place, panting but ready to  let rip at the intruder!

He was standing close to her, and in his bright dark eyes I could see determination and self-satisfaction!
That guy really had a nerve, and it was high time to show him who ruled the roost!
Chin up!

But before I had a chance to say one word, he rushed to me and...pawed my leg, as if saying " I'm sorry, but you know, our daily visit to that sweet lady is always scheduled at 10. I didn't want her to worry, so I walked all the way to her place by myself, cause punctuality is the politeness of kings, and ...of dogs, as well! ".

Jeez, because of my damned morning routine, Ulysse could have been knocked down by a car, or even worse, dognapped!!

That's why now I really wonder if too strict routines can be bad.
What do you think?

vendredi 23 février 2018


Never really hungry, but sometimes a little peckish between meals?
Well, this post is for you,then.

I have tested a few tips and tricks to fight the munchies, and this week I'll share my poor babysteps into the HNW with you.

You don't know what HNW stand for?
No, not for Hearty Nosh World, naughty you! Let's get serious for once!

HNW is the Health Nuts' World, a world where you blow kisses to salads, you treat your tastebuds with beetroot chips, and eat raw carrots and kale when stressed.

Come on, I'm kidding! Actually, healthy eaters just make me green with envy, but let me tell you that settling down in their world won't be a cakewalk for me...

In the HNW, when you are about to dip your hand into the cookie jar, or reach any of your yummy treats, the watchword is "KEEP BUSY ".
And of course, gormandizing is not among the suggested activities, so better forget about it!

No, when it comes to fighting the munchies, going for a walk seems to be one of the best ways to parry the attack,then.
Quite easy as long as the weather is set fair.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not made of glass, and I don't mind walking in the rain.
The only snag is that after facing downpours, the only thing I need to perk up is a nice cup of cheer, I mean, a cup of hot chocolate, so...

Among the bona-fide munchies fighters, doing crosswords is said to be a foolproof way to ignore your tummy's plea for treats.
Quite sure, cause that game keeps your mind and your hands busy, and far from temptations.
Well, I have had a go, but to no avail.
The first definition I came across was " When in the sky, it's wishful thinking ".
After chewing the eraser off my pencil (you know, when you feel like nibbling, anything can do),

I had a light bulb moment, and found the answer.
Guess what it was!

PIE! Yes, guys, a pie in the sky is a promise, an idea or a plan very unlikely to happen!
But  jeez, the word " PIE " was just like the wake-up call my inner peckish self was waiting for to fling me to the kitchen!

As those two suggestions to ditch my yummy treats had failed, I decided to have an ultimate try.
I browsed through the tips and tricks I had found on the web, and chose a get-up-and-go one.

" When you feel peckish, dance around the house to your favourite music "  took the cake, cause it seemed to be a good way to rock my snacking.
And you know what one of my favourite song is : " I can't get no satisfaction " by the Rolling Stones!

I guess its burning fat beat will make up for my raids on the pantry!

I'll let you know.

In the meantime, never miss a chance to dance, and if you stumble, make it part of the dance!

vendredi 16 février 2018


Do you happen to feel guilty about overeating? You know, that kind of feeling that washes over you after having one piece too many of a yummy cake,one extra portion of pizza or handfuls of peanuts?

No? OK, then this post is for you, cause after reading it, I hope you will give me some foolproof tips and tricks not to let my greedy tastebuds rule the roost.
I'm not kidding, I realy need your help, cause being an incorrigible diet breaker makes my mood go south, and is really a tough nut to crack!

Jeez, just to write "nuts" triggers my inner squirrel's craving for that crunchy dry fruit!
Actually, all the words finishing with "nut" drive me nuts (sorry, too stupid!).

In my previous posts I have often made fun of Greedy Canaille, my English Springer Spaniel, who is the fastest eater I've ever met, especially when it comes to treats.
Believe me or not, he has the treats in his bowl, and the next minute, zap, they have simply vanished.
Just the same for me! I open a packet of biscuits, and the next minute, zap, they have vanished, too!
A magician trick? Unfortunately,rather hard to hold on to the illusion!

At least to slow down Canaille's helpings, I've bought a slow feeder.
It looks like a tuft of grass and between each blade I put treats. Then, it's up to him to push them out. Quite efficient, cause now he doesn't confuse "to eat" and "to gulp down".

What's more, I guess that kind of challenging game will turn him into a smart cookie.

OMG! A smart cookie? COOKIE! Here I go again! One more time my sweet tooth is playing tricks on me!

Should I buy a slow feeder for me, too? 
No way! My "palets bretons "  would not fit in it!

I've seen on the Net a kind of kitchen safe (come on, don't laugh!). You put your yummy temptations in it, then set the timer from one minute up to ten days, and the lid won't open till the timer reaches zero.

What do you think of that? 

Would it curb my cravings, or turn me into a safe-breaker?

Maybe I should give up, cause that's the way the cookie crumbles...

Anyway,all your tips and tricks will be welcome, cause getting rid of my bad snacking habits won't be a piece of cake.

...A piece of cake? Oh heck! Sorry I have to leave you, I can't resist the call of the Yum Yum devil!!

vendredi 9 février 2018


In France, on February 2nd we make "crêpes" (kind of thin pancakes), and the sweet tooth I am never fails to celebrate.
Unfortunately, this year flipping my yummy treats has nearly turned into a flop, and all that because Canaille, my English Springer Spaniel, wanted to lend a hand (actually a paw), and honour his breed!

English Springer Spaniels are absolutely fabulous cuddle-makers, first class ball boys, skyrocketing jumpers, and, above all, great food reviewers, and that's where the shoe sometimes pinches...

Let me walk you through.

When it comes to food, Canaille can understand quite a few words, so not to whet his appetite (already pretty healthy) and make his mouth water (I should say " drool " ), there are words such as " spaghetti, chicken and crêpes " that we never pronounce, but only spell.

Unfortunately last Friday I was so excited to celebrate " Crêpes Day " that I forgot our secret language, and blurted out : " Let's have crêpes for lunch".
Too late to back-pedal !!
I had pushed the zany Springer trigger, and Canaille was already dancing the yum-yum dance!!

No need to tell you that preparing the batter with an uber-peckish doggy lying on my feet and woofing his over-the-top agreement every two minutes was far from being a piece of cake, let alone a piece of pancake (sorry,for that pun, but too stupid not to share).

Flipping the crêpes with the best " fetch the ball " player beside me turned into a kind of juggle show with Canaille in the spotlight and me in the supporting role!
Each time I tried to flip a crêpe, he jumped up as high as he can, and I could hear his top chef's voice saying :

" Practice makes perfect, when flipping crêpes. If you break one, pop it into my mouth, and move on to the next! ".

Actually I didn't manage to flip a lot of crêpes, but Pancake Day 2018 falls on Tuesday February 13, so a second chance to improve my toss, as long as Canaille doesn't go flipping mad...

Want to have a go and taste French crêpes? Here is a link to treat your tastebuds :

vendredi 2 février 2018


Thanks a lot for all your sweet comments and mails about my dogs, but please stop congratulating them and raving about all their silly antics, otherwise they'll get a big head, and then who knows who will rule the roost at home...

Anyway, to show you that nodoggy is perfect, let me tell you a few titbits about my two furry budies.

Jolux was the first dog to paw into my life. That adorable cocker melted my heart immediately, and my expectations of becoming a dog-trainer, as well.
He turned into a real livewire as soon as ...we were away (even for just a quarter).
He could remove a fitted carpet in no time, turn court shoes into sandals, scan the mail slided under the door, and then tear it to pieces to stick to the idiom " No news, good news ".
To crown it all, when growing old he turned badly and became a first-rate counter surfer able to magic away any food left unattended on the counter.

So, when we homed Charlie, a shelter dog, we were somehow ready to face " the dog's awkward age trouble ".
Actually, he never played havoc with our everyday life.
Yet, after going through a lot of rough patches with two previous owners, he had kept his fighting spirit, and it took him a quarter to defeat my Hoover, leaving his so-called opponent wireless before the costly brand-new appliance could celebrate his second week anniversary.

By the time Indy arrived in our place, I was no longer a dog-lover, but a dogaholic, which means ready to be adopted by any dog whatever the silly antics that furry baby would play.
But Indy was as good as gold, and I still miss the halcyon days we spent together.
The only snag was that she accepted to be taken for a walk only by her close relatives (Dearhubby, the children and me ).
When anybody else tried to, she usually followed reluctantly for five minutes, and then, all of a sudden, she laid on her back, paws up, and refused to budge an inch. The poor volunteer dog-walker had to drag her back home(Indy still lying on her back) under the dumbfounded gaze of passers-by.

Jolux, Charlie and Indy passed away long ago, but their silly antics are still stardust memories.
Now, I have to deal with Ulysse and Canaille,my two furry babies, and believe me, writing this post with Ulysse walking his leash all around my desk, and Canaille putting squeaky toys and tennis balls on my lap is not a piece of cake,but ....I love them to the moon and back!!