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vendredi 18 janvier 2019


Irregular verbs. Does that ring a bell?
I guess for most of you they are or they have been a real pain.
Don't expect them to follow the herd of regular verbs and their nice "ed"  endings.
No way!
Those cheeky monkeys break all the rules, and using their past tense forms randomly is rather risky, cause they are unpredictable.

So, better learn them by heart.
Fortunately, there are many tips to make it easier.
No doubt you will find one way to suit you whatever the type of learner you are.

" Whatever the type of learner you are" is perhaps a bit overstated, cause I remember using all of the tips of that site with a young pupil of mine and none worked!
Yet, he was a smart kid and usually got good marks, but irregular verbs seemed to be his pet peeve.
At least, that's what I thought, till one day after using "comed" instead of " came", he let the truth come out…

He told me that "ed"past tense ending was a rule and rules must be respected, so he wouldn't let rule breakers such as irregular verbs call the shots!
Then, he added that anyway he was not interested in the past but only in the future!

That was long ago, and since then my little allergic-to-irregular-verbs young rascal has turned into a young adult with, I guess, a bright future ahead of him!

But, there are still irregular verbs and even if the saying "let bygones be bygones " is true, better remember them!

vendredi 11 janvier 2019


Hi everydoggy,

My name is Canaille. I am an English Springer Spaniel and Perky, this blog's owner is my mom.

Today I really feel miserable, cause it is an off day. I mean, no cuddle, no belly rubbing, no "fetch the ball" game, and, even worse, Perky keeps telling me to keep quiet because she is behind with her work.

Behind with her work? My paw!*
It is a "the dog ate my homework" excuse!

Actually, she has eaten too much and now she is as sick as a dog, and let me tell you that the idiom proves true.
I remember last time I indulged myself with a pack of toffees Perky had left on her desk, I was awfully sick (and sticky, as well). 

Perky had just mopped the kitchen floor, so, not to ruin her hard work, I rushed to the living-room and threw up on the carpet, and you know what!

When she saw her toffee-coated carpet, she said she was sick!
Poor girl!
Couldn't be  because of the toffees, cause I had gobbled all of them, wrapping papers included!
So, what was she sick of?

Then, when I saw the way she frowned at me, it dawned on me that she was sick of me! 
Yes, guys, sick of ME,the most affectionate and devoted friend she's ever had!! What a blow!

That's the only time I have had a bone to pick with Perky and that's how I understood the real meaning of the idiom "A dog's life".

Of course, there must be other idioms that prove true, but I am too dog tired to keep writing, so let the sleeping dog lie.

Have a pawesome day!

Your cuddly Canaille.

* For non-dog speaking readers, "my paw" means "my foot".

PS : By the way, how many idioms have you found in my post?

vendredi 4 janvier 2019


Even though my "crime" has expired, it is still sitting in my mind (and on my stomach,as well), cause I let an innocent man be accused, and thus nearly  ruined his reputation.
I have been dragging that burden for too long and I can't bear it any longer.
Time has come to tell the truth and come what may…

I can't remember the year it happened, but the day, for sure!
It was on January 6th, the day when in France we eat Galette des Rois
(King's Cake).
That delicious frangipane tart contains a porcelain bean and whoever finds it in their slice becomes King or Queen for the day with the option to choose a royal partner.

At the time I was a newbie in a company, and to be honest, I was quite shy and awkward.
So, when the secretary told me that at lunch-time the boss would treat us with a yummy Galette des Rois, my tastebuds started wriggling, but then I remembered the dreadful option : choosing a royal partner, and kissing him.
Jeez, if I got the bean, I would abdicate immediately rather than crown and kiss any guy of the company (remember, I was a newbie there!).

I guess, there's no hiding from a fate, cause, of course, I got the bean.

Abdicating would not have been politically correct, so I decided to hide the bean inside my cheek.
While the rest of the staff was complaining about the scatterbrained baker who had forgotten to put a bean inside his cake, I kept silent.
Actually, I was too busy holding the bean prisoner. 
That made me look like a well-fed hamster, but what would have happened if I had swallowed the bean?
Well, I guess I would have spilled the beans, but nothing of that sort happened.

So, years after I still have that damned bean and it is a royal pain, just like a proof of my crime of lese-majesty!

Anyway, now that I have told you my pretty little lie, I feel relieved, cause a fault confessed is half  redressed, isn't  it?

xoxo from the Bean Queen.

lundi 31 décembre 2018


Are you ready to jump on board 2019?
This week to help you to navigate the rolling waves of this new year safely and cheefully, I have written a short post about how to look on the bright side (and for my English-Learning readers, learn a few idioms, as well).

In the small hours of January 1st, I'll take a feather duster and blow away the cobwebs.

Then, come rain or shine, I'll wear rose-coloured glasses, so I'll forget the saying " it never rains, but it pours " and just remember that every cloud has a silver lining.

Yet, if the weather turns really foul and things seem to keep falling, I'll hang in there and my motto will be that " when life gives you lemons, make lemonade ".

All that will help me to keep upbeat all throughout the twelve months to come, but what will send me on cloud nine is a skyrocketing number of readers on my blog,'s up to you!

In the meantime, I wish you a smashing New Year and I hope everything will come roses for you and all the people you love!

jeudi 20 décembre 2018


Not much time this week to post a short story, so here is Canaille's special request to Santa Claus.

Dear Santa,

My name is Canaille.

 I'm an English Springer Spaniel, and Mum says I do justice to my breed, cause I often behave like a cheeky monkey. (Quite normal, cause that's the translation of my name in English).

Yet, last September I turned 11 and now I have a good head on my shoulders. So, every day, to make up for my silly antics, I help Mum and  Dad with household chores. I'm not sure they realize how helpful I am, but never mind.

I know you are a busy guy, so I won't be demanding.
No need to move heaven and earth to bring me a magical key to open the treats drawer. There is one and only key and it belongs to Daddy.
And anyway, it's of no use any more, cause now that damned drawer is empty.
Yes, dear Santa, as empty as my stomach!

Have I been on a binge eating? Nope, and that's why I am rather keyed up, cause that "food crisis" is none of my doing!

Who's responsible, then? The vet, dear Santa!
Last time Mum took me to his place, he asked me to climb onto the weighing scales and I obeyed,  cause I am a good boy.
His gasps made me think he was calling for an encore, so I climbed onto the scales again. 
That's when the judge, oops sorry, I mean the vet, sentenced me to a 
 no-treat month! Can you imagine that, dear Santa, thirty days without the least sweet to enjoy!
And the worst of it is that Mum agreed. I guess she is under the vet's thumb, poor girl!

So, this year, dear Santa, just one thing on my wishlist :

Could you put  new weighing scales under the tree of the vet's surgery, cause you see, even one of the vet's  patient agreed with me, the scales must be broken!

I will be asleep when you visit on Christmas Eve, so please say hello to the reindeers.
By the way, thank you for the comfy basket you gave me last year.When I curl up in it, I make sweet dreams!

And Merry Christmas to my Mum's readers!

vendredi 14 décembre 2018


Early December I started planning for Xmas and its main attraction : the Xmas tree.
As I was fed up with all the glittering balls and tinsel garlands I had been hanging on years after years, I decided to bring in a change and make a mouth-watering Xmas tree.
For once it wouldn't be just eyed greedily, but " harvested " cheerfully!

All throughout the countdown to December 24, there are plenty of Xmas markets around, so it didn't take me long to get beautifully wrapped candy canes and sweet-smelling treats.

Waow, this year my Xmas tree would be the cream of the crop!

Then, I thought that it would look tastier if I added a few touches of my own, and that's when things went wrong!

I followed step by step a tuto on how to prepare a popcorn garland, and as I am a bit of a klutz, it took me the whole afternoon to make it, but unfortunately...just half-an-hour to munch it!

Was I feeling guilty afterwards? Guilty, not really, but heavy, for sure.
Believe me, digesting a one meter crunchy popcorn garland is not that easy!

The day after, to make up for my pre-Xmas binge eating, I baked a dozen gingerbread men and then hung them immediately on the Xmas tree.
I resisted their sweet eyes and sugary smiles, and went to bed with a sense of accomplishment.

Too good to be true! Yesterday when I got downstairs, the Xmas tree was lying on the floor and all the gingerbread men had taken a French leave!
My dog was curled up in his basket and his guilty eyes and the gingerbread crumbs on his nose and all around let me think that if the saying " Like father, like son " is true, then " Like owner, like dog " must be true, too!

Well, there are still some days left before Xmas, so I won't give up, cause I am a tough cookie.

Cookie? A delicious decoration for my Xmas tree! Here is the link for a recipe. Enjoy and share.

vendredi 7 décembre 2018


Some years ago when I started my blog, my relatives and my friends were my only readers. I was a newbie in the blogosphere and I didn't know how to boost my blog traffic.

Fortunately one year later, thanks to my early "supporters" and their enthusiastic and efficient word of mouth, a journalist of the local newspaper heard about me and came to my place to interview me. 
She wanted to know who was that French girl hiding under the pseudo of "Dany the Perky Busy Bee" and blogging from the very tip of Brittany.

When she arrived, she was white as a ghost, and, just for fun, I was about to ask her if she was a ghost writer, but she looked so pale that I thought my joke wouldn't be a good icebreaker.
She apologized for being out of breath, and told me she was feeling dizzy and sweaty because she had been cycling all the long steep road to my place.
I offered a seat and a cup of tea, but she refused and said that the only thing she needed when she was feeling that way was to lie down on a cold surface and close her eyes for a while.
Then, before I could say Jack Robinson, there she was, lying on the tiled entrance floor, and thats' when the doorbell rang!

When I opened the door, the postman's smile froze in a wink. He stared at me and at the journalist lying on the floor as if he was on a crime scene.
No way to count on him for further investigation, cause he dropped my parcel and hurried away.
Had he read too many detective novels and was he scared of suffering the same fate as embarrassing witnesses? Did he spread the word about a weird blogger living in the town?

I really don't know, but who profited that fake crime?
You and me, cause the journalist recovered and thanks to her sweet words about my blog in the local paper and perhaps thanks also to the poor postman,  nearly four years later I'm still on line and sharing my adventures with all of you!

So,  for tuning in to my blog every week :