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dimanche 1 mai 2016




As you already know, every two or three chapters I am used to starting my post with a question. So, I guess that right now you must be wondering whether this week it will be a spoof question or something more personal.
Well, whatever the topic is, I know that the bold readers (and their number is skyrocketing) will roll up their sleeves and post a comment or send a mail, whereas the shyiest ones (Don't shy away ! Even if you are brand new and feel you have little to add, you're welcome !) will just think that Perky is really pushing things too far.
Come on, I have never asked any embarrassing questions, I have never made you uncomfortable, have I ? I always weigh my words and pay attention not to intrude into your privacy. To use  a more colloquial expression, I try not to poke my nose into your business !
And yet, ....I often feel like being nosy ! For example ??
Well, I could ask you a naughty question such as :
" Do you happen to use Google Translate ot any of its competitors to read my blog ? ".
Hey you, my English,Irish, American, Australian and New-Zealander readers, don't laugh, ok ?
Even if reading English is a teeny bit easier than speaking, actually if you are not raised with the language, grasping the meaning of some words or phrases can take forever and turn into a headache, not to say a chore !
So, for all those who sometimes rely on an automatic translator, don't let the others call you ' lazy slobs ' !
To be honest, if I had had that kind of tool when I was at grammar school, maybe I wouldn't have murdered " The Gallic Wars " ( Julius Caesar must be still rolling over in his grave !).
Yet, pay attention ! It can be good with single words (  but you can say that about any traditional dictionary), but if you try to translate a whole passage, you'll end up with a lot of mistakes,sentences which don't make sense, and a short story way different from my own !
I remember a student of mine who wanted to play the wise guy with me. He swore up and down he had not used any website help, even though his weird translation proved otherwise !
To give you just a sneak peek at it ( Max is now a juvenile judge, so sure he will forgive my indelicacy), " cuir chevelu " thanks to Internet became " hairy leather " !! The right word is " scalp ": it rings a bell with western lovers, I guess...
So, when you get stuck, don't hesitate to ask for help. Perky Busy Bee at your service on
I check my inmail box twice a day. I do my best and usually manage to answer the questions you submit within two or three days.
By the way, I hope that now I have relieved all those who were afraid of GOMO and YOLO viruses (chapter 62 : Lost in abbreviations) !
Well, by now, you, my English-speaking readers, you must think his week you won't be hassled by any inquisitive questions. Right ?
Then, you are entirely mistaken ! You won't get away with this !
It is my " kindness week " !
So, let me be nosier and cheekier, and go a bit further.
Here is a question for all of you. Ready ? 
" Up to now, how many people have you shared my blog with ? ".
Feeling ill at ease, aren't you ? Blushing, getting as red as a beetroot ?
Don't worry, no spy cam on my blog !!
Of course, some posts are not irresistibly sharable : too mawkish, too girlish, too schoolish and so on !
Of course, on your weekly to-do list (sometimes a mile-long one) increasing Perky's readership is not task number one.
Of course, life is not always wine and roses and you have other fish to fry.
But as The Beatles used to sing :
" ...Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
   Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends ".
So, as soon as you've got some spare time, share the link to my adventures with your relatives, your friends, your colleagues and whoever you want to.
As the saying goes : the more, the merrier !
Be good sharers ! You are my best advertisers : I count on you and on word of mouth !
Anyway, before ending this unusual post, I want to pay a tribute to my earliest fans*, so a special thanks to :
T.L. and A.C. : two of my best friends
C.M. :            : the most cheerful horse and P. cars-lover I have ever
                       met !
J.A. and G.S. : former students and now true friends who whatever I try
                        stand by me.
D.B.                : a classical music lover and wine connoisseur.
C.G.                : a bright ambassador of the French language in America.
J.M.                : he knows I have a sweet tooth, and after chapter
                       " always for a good cause ", he sent me Swiss cakes to
                       test and taste ! Absolutely delicious !!!
Your enthusiastic encouragements " fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, ..." (humming that song always cheers me up).
So, keep at it !!
More adventures to come ...
*IO do it to my  relatives every day !