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dimanche 4 septembre 2016




Hello you, all my dear well-wishers,

Thanks a million for sending me so sweet birthday messages. You really made my day!

Even though Dearhubby thinks it was rather cheeky of me to insist on my B-day, I must confess I don't have the least shred of shame !!

I was brought up not to ask for anything, but once cut loose in the wild world, far from the family nest, I quickly realized that if you don't ask you don't get. I paid the price for it more often than not !

So, now, every time my B-day comes around, I usually let myself go !
Bye bye the good girl, let the naughty one come in !

Don't get me wrong ! Even if I have often lived it up, I have never danced on the table (at least up to now) or shown up in diapers or footed pajamas, just to pretend I was getting younger and younger !

No, nothing wacky or offbeat ! As years go by,I am getting more and more conventional, and to squeeze every second of happiness out of that special day, I just need a few basic ingredients :

. birthday cards, phone-calls and emails.
. a super yummy dinner out with Dearhubby.
. a birthday cake at home to blow the candles far from prying eyes
  (have you noticed how quick people are at counting the flickering
   flames ? ).

Should I say September 2, 2016 was up to my expectations " because "
or " even though " ???

Well, I guess I'd better explain and let you judge by yourselves.

. birhday wishes ? My letter,inmail and voicemail boxes were crammed
  with genuine and heartfelt words and blessing, so what more could I
  ask for ?

. birthday dinner ? Dearhubby had booked my favourite table in my
  favourite restaurant, so facing the sea and treating my tastebuds
  with fabulous seafood just flew me up to cloud nine.

. birthday cake ? Most of you already know I have a sweet tooth.
  For those who don't, just read chapter 53 " Always for a good cause,
  of course ", and you will see how thrilled to bits I get whenever I
  step into the " sweet temptations palace "(the local cake shop).

  Then, believe me or not, but the night before my birthday, just when
  about to fall asleep, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to order my
  favourite cake : a black forest !

Jeez !! In the early days of September the pastry chef is usually pretty busy, dealing with the orders of the holiday-makers willing to take back home his inimitable kouign-amann (as a present or for themselves , or both !).
Would he be able to spare some time to prepare my favourite palate delight ?

I had an awfully restless night : whenever I closed my eyes, chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream and cherries kept whirling around my bed.

The next morning at 8 sharp I was in the sweets sanctuary, crossing my fingers and hoping for good luck.
When it was my turn to order, I did my best to sound self-confident and said :

" A black forest for tonight, please ! ".

Well, actually, I guess my voice was just low and quavering, cause the shop-assistant replied :

" You don't mean tonight, do you ?  ".

" Yes, I do ", I spluttered out shakily.

" Let me see, it is  8.15 am and you'd like it for 7.30pm ! That's a real challenge !! ".

A challenge !! The word struck me like lighting !
I stammered some silly excuses and rushed out of the shop.
I had just remembered that a while before I had joined   FOOD FREEDOM - Bite into health -
group on Internet and taken on a one-month sugar-free challenge !!
The early days of that sugar-free journey had been rather tough, but little by little I was feeling healthier and ' lighter '.

So, falling off the bandwagon for a chocolate craving would make me go back to square one !
And even worse, I would disappoint all the friendly supporting members , and myself, as well !!
What a shame !

That's how on September 2,2016, I blew candles floating on an absolutely fabulous  home-made fruit salad.
Blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, kiwis, oranges and pineapple chunks, turned my birthday into a colourful milestone in Perky Busy Bee's sugar-free adventures !

So now, what do you think ?

Should I say " my birthday lived it up to my expectations " because " or  " even though " ?

Let me know !

That's all for this week.

Enjoy yourselves and don't forget : be perky !!

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